Light shining on ‘marijuana’ lies

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The deputy director of the White House s Office of National Drug Control Policy admitted Tuesday that marijuana was less deadly than alcohol, but insisted that pot was not a benign drug.

How long will Schedule 1 classification for ‘marijuana’ last now that this kind of powerful ‘light’ is shining on it? Remember that our first Motion to Dismiss was for misclassification of ‘marijuana’ as Schedule 1. Our Judge denied it last year, but allowed Share and me to appeal it after we’re sentenced. Share and I wanted ALL of our co-defendants to join in our Motion, but (unbelievably!) most of their lawyers n-e-v-e-r (!) visited me.

We’re now wondering if ‘marijuana’ gets de-Scheduled or re-Scheduled BEFORE our sentencing date of April 28th what happens? Do Share and I automatically WIN our Motion retro-actively? Do I get out of here immediately? What?

It’s important to Share and me that ALL of our co-defendants get the benefits of the coming end to federal prohibition of Cannabis. Even though most, or all of them (?) have already pleaded “guilty” with zero appeal rights, we want them to join us somehow in WINNING this whole case and getting all of our records cleared. I’ve been told by an experienced lawyer that “there are motions for everything.”

1. We want all of the Green Fourteen convictions overturned.
2. We want all of the personal property, cash and stash for all of the Green Fourteen returned to each one.
3. We want all of the homes seized by the feds in our case to be returned with clear titles.
4. We want the First Amendment Right to cultivate, possess, transport, use and distribute Cannabis to be legal for all of us.
Our initial search warrant said that we were a “legitimate Ministry with legitimate customers”. Share and I have been ruled “legitimate” and “sincere” by Judge Kobayashi on July 31, 2013. She also ruled that ALL of our activities were legitimate religious practices. As “members in good standing”, I believe that our co-defendants were “legitimate” and “sincere” and deserve the full legal rights that come with it. Or better.

“The last marijuana trial”? Spirit-willing, so it shall be.

Lots of love to everyone,


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  1. Reverend Ryan
    on Apr 30th, 2014
    @ 10:29 pm

    As the ancient prophecies unfold, it will be the Warriors of the Rainbow, the spirits of the Great Light, who are remembered for their works, their steadfast adherence and their true beliefs. Jah bless
    ~Rev. Ryan

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