A Gift from the Gods: The History of Cannabis

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God bless the Pope and Dalai Lama for all their good thoughts, words and deeds. May they be successful in bringing greater peace, harmony, joy and prosperity to all the people of the world. May they live long, healthy and enlightened lives.

That being said, it still surprises me that it still surprises people to learn that there’s a deep and long history of Cannabis and spirituality. Cannabis is the most widely-used religious and spiritual sacrament in world history. Apparently there’s still a great big opportunity to teach a lot more people about the subject. But something strange and unexplainable is going-on that deserves an answer.

What does “getting high” actually mean? In my opinion it’s a spiritual term and a spiritual activity. High Priests, high ground, high lights, higher education, high life, runner’s high, etc. Who’s God? Some religions call God “the Most High”. Getting high is about raising our spirits, not our bodies. High means elevated above the cares and worries of the world. High means we reach into a spiritual place above the normal physical reality. There are many ways to get high, and using Cannabis is one of the safest ways.

So what’s the Dalai Lama doing pretending that he doesn’t know about the ancient goodness and long history of Cannabis use in Tibet? Why’s Pope Francis recently saying that prohibition of ‘marijuana’ is a good thing? In my opinion, both gentlemen know better than that and are HIDING something important. My inner alarm bell is ringing from their comments. What’s REALLY going-on with them?

Recently the Dalai Lama said that he was ‘surprised’ at hearing that marijuana MIGHT be useful for medicine. Might be? I have information here in my prison cell that in his home of Tibet their Tara Tantra Goddess said that Cannabis is the ingredient that makes the “elixir of vitality” and Cannabis “is essential to ecstasy”. The Dalai Lama has the internet at his fingertips like everybody else and (as far as I know) there’s zero excuse for the ignorance that he exhibits that keeps his own people unhealthy, poor of spirit, poor of wealth, poor of their very own culture by denying them the goodness of Cannabis.

Same with Pope Francis denying the goodness of Cannabis. He and his handlers have access to more of the knowledge and wealth of the world than almost anyone and yet he wants Cannabis to continue being prohibited? Why? What is he HIDING?

Hemp could easily feed, heal and inspire the world’s starving people. It’s as if these two major religious leaders want their own people (and everyone else) to stay in physical and spiritual bondage on purpose. Why?

Our Congresswoman is Tulsi Gabbard, the first Hindu in the U.S. Congress. Hindu’s revere Cannabis as a holy plant. Does Ms. Gabbard think Cannabis is holy and worthy of religious freedom? She refuses to answer us. She and our U.S. Senators Brain Schatz and Mazie Hirono refuse to answer our repeated letters, emails, phone calls and personal visits to their offices. What are they all HIDING? And why are they hiding it?

God bless the Dalai Lama and the Pope for all the good things they do and the positive messages they deliver, but something’s very wrong with both of them and I need to express my thoughts and feelings about it. Same goes with President Obama and other world leaders like those in the United Nations who maintain the EXTREME prohibitions on the Cannabis hemp plant while the rest of the world is learning of its many benefits. It’s the ‘tree of life’, for God’s sake. What are they all hiding?

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The holiday season is all about family, good food and, for some, religious tradition. In the spirit of the holidays, we at Leafly were curious about cannabis and religion. As a topic that s seldom discussed, we wondered if cannabis had any ties to religion. What we found may surprise you.

Cannabis has not only been used in religious ceremonies, it has a long-standing tradition in numerous world faiths. Let s start with the area it s been used the longest: China. Taoist shamans used cannabis in combination with ginseng to reveal truths about the future, believing the plant had the ability to cast their spirit forward in time. In Taoism, cannabis consumption was reserved for religious officials and not shared with common people, which might explain its strange exclusion from ancient texts. By 200 C.E., the Han Dynasty of Imperial China had embraced Confucianism, abandoned Taoism and, with it, cannabis.

While spiritual Chinese cannabis consumption may have ended by 200 C.E., it was just coming into its own in India. It is said that the gods sent hemp out of compassion for the human race so that they may attain delight, lose fear, and increase sexual desires. Other Hindu stories suggest cannabis originated from a spot of nectar dropped from Heaven. More popular is a theory that both gods and demons churned the milk ocean to obtain amrita, Sanskrit for immortality, and received cannabis as a result. Whichever story you believe, there s no doubting that cannabis holds a scared spot in the Hindu faith. In practice, the locally favored Hindu diety was given offerings of cannabis drinks during religious festivals; community members took part as well, sharing cannabis bowls amongst one another.


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  1. Saint Jo B'
    on Jan 24th, 2014
    @ 8:15 pm

    When will you learn all religions are false flags.
    Only RASTA – is real.

    Saint Jo B’

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