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Hello out there,

Aloha. We have a rare and potentially powerful opportunity to change federal prison sentences for the better right now. Please make this task a priority to make a difference that matters, and post this information far and wide.

The United States Sentencing Commission is seeking comments from the public right now on re-prioritizing the outrageously extreme sentences for all “drug” crimes and for the ‘mandatory minimum’ prison sentences they give to federal inmates, especially for “drugs”. Please take a few minutes to draft a respectful and powerful letter that encourages them to END or drastically reduce all sentences for ‘marijuana’, to reduce the “guidelines” for all drug crimes, and end ‘mandatory minimum’ sentences for all “drug” crimes.

Remember, all plants and “drugs” were completely legal until the early 1900’s with little to zero social problems. Who ‘owns’ our body, anyway?

Suggestions and comments should be received on or before July 15th, 2013.

Please send helpful suggestions, comments, articles, books and whatever to:

United States Sentencing Commission
One Columbus Circle NE, Suite 2-500
South Lobby
Washington, D.C. 200002-8002
Attention: Public Affairs – Priorities Comment

For Further Information Contact:
Jeanne Doherty, Public Affairs Officer
(202) 502-4502

Thank you for taking the time to do this important task for “we the people”. It’s a very rare opportunity to do so.

Roger and Share Christie

The Hawai’i Cannabis THC Ministry


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