Aloha, Paulo


Aloha, Paulo …

I hope and trust you and Rio are having a fine time of it …wherever you guys are. :-p

I’m stoked to see the mention by Hawai’i Senator Sam Slom in his speech at the opening of the legislature. And Joe Souki as Speaker of the House is a pro-Cannabis guy in his 70’s who just might be pushing hard for Cannabis progress now, too. Auspicious beginnings of their session.

So interesting to see the ‘Plant Dope – Harvest Ice’ person (is it a guy?) actually reading the N.I.D.A. study – and then disagreeing with it on scientific grounds. Good for them for getting into it. It’s telling that it’s THE ONLY STUDY EVER done to find the cause of meth! Why zero other studies on a raging, multi-generational epidemic? I think it’s because the powers-that-be didn’t want and don’t want the same conclusions replicated and made CERTAIN to the unsuspecting public that the government CAUSED meth with their tax dollars for marijuana prohibition. They’d rather suppress the N.I.D.A. study and pretend they don’t know what caused meth here AND keep marijuana prohibition going so they can keep their budgets high and manpower fully staffed. It’s a DESIGN, a calculated effort to purposely implode the ‘local’ culture and substitute another population here … and it’s working. Check the exploding homeless ‘local’ population here, check the enormous violent crime stats., especially for ‘locals’ and native Hawaiians. Then look at the newest Honolulu condo with sales of units from $500,000. to $8 million per unit – sold-out in 24 hours! Locals OUT – multi-national millionaires IN. Bingo!

The situation here was kind of like during alcohol prohibition when beer, wine and hard liquor were prohibited, ‘bath-tub gin’ appeared to fill the vacuum with that much more dangerous substitute. Meth is the bath-tub gin of marijuana prohibition. Who knows what dangerous and addictive ingredients in the mixture?

Our ‘Plant Dope – Harvest Ice’ person is obviously in personal pain to see the degrading of the sweeter island lifestyle s/he remembers from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. Hey, blame the jet engine, blame statehood, blame Elvis and movies in Technicolor for showing Hawai’i off to the world resulting in the tourism boom. I wish him or her a full healing and recovery from the pain(s) they suffer from, I really do.

All the best to everyone,


Paul von Hartmann reply to Plant Dope. Harvest Ice. a few seconds ago

Obviously, you’re right — When people can’t find affordable marijuana because of eradication, then they just don’t do hard drugs or alcohol, or huff Scotchguard or gasoline….especially rebellious, thrill-seeking teens — Hey brudduh, you got me convinced — where’s the quantitative research of that tired, old “forbidden fruit” theory anyway…Geez, GuyWho’sAfrid to Use his real name, and thinks it clever to denegrate a true American hero, standing up for your First Amendment right too, ya thankless twit. Your insights into human behavior are stunning…I mean that — just stunning…in a vacant, vacuous sort of way.


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