Share’s Sentencing Letter to Judge Kobayashi

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Dear Honorable Judge Kobayashi, My husband has taught me about Ho’oponopono, and has shown beautiful examples. We have consistently been using these principals, and I would like to say to you that I am sorry for any misunderstanding or unpleasantness that has arisen in the course of our interactions. I have experienced so much pain […]

Freedom Farm

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Roger Says “High”!


Aloha. I’m Share Christie, wife of Roger Christie of The Hawai’i Cannabis THC Ministry. I’m grateful to be here today from the big island to represent, among other things, the consciousness-raising and health benefits of using Cannabis as a personal “botanical savior”, and as a political tool for the Libertarian Party. Roger says “high” to […]

From Carl Olson


Dear Roger, Nine former heads of the Drug Enforcement Administration are standing in our way to legalize marijuana in three states this year. In Colorado, Oregon and Washington, ballot initiatives will let the voters decide whether they want to legalize marijuana in their states. These former DEA officials are so scared that the public will […]

5 Element Cooking with Hemp and More

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5 Element Cooking with Hemp and More Taught by Share Christie September 25 Tuesday evening from 6 to 9 — Suggested donation $50 Join us for this Fundraising event for Share’s husband Rev. Roger Christie, held without bail for over 2 years as a political prisoner. They set out to change the laws, with their […]

9 Pillars of the Christie Mayor Campaign 2012

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Mayors form for Share August 14, 2012, I received over 500 votes, and that’s after I told people to please vote for Dominic Yagong, and learned a lot being on the campaign trail, and thank my husband for empower me with that Hawai’i County voter – aloha. My name is Share Christie and I ask […]

Share’s Mayoral Platform 2012

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Q&A from Big Island Chronicle, August 2012 @@@ Aloha. My name is Share Christie and it’s my pleasure to introduce myself in the race for Mayor of Hawai’i County, one of the most special and beautiful places on Earth. I was born in Ohio and raised in southern California. I’m a wife and a Mother, […]

Photos: Political Candidates Meet in Kohala

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August 5, 2012: group photos from the forum in Kohala.    

Q&A: Share Christie for Hawaii Mayor

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Age: 60 Job: Political activist; clergy member; striving to be a self-sufficient farmer. Background: Mayor’s executive assistant; Hawaii State Bar Association; Hawaii Justice Foundation What qualifies you to be mayor? Through four years of collecting less in taxes in the toughest economy in the history of the county, we made government more efficient and responsive, […]

Please vote *Christie For Mayor* on August 11th!

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Hawai’i County voter – aloha. My name is Share Christie and I ask you to please vote for me on August 11th. Mahalo. 1.) What’s the most important need in Hawai’i County? HONEST LEADERSHIP to declare an end to the disastrous war on drugs. As your new Mayor I would provide treatment and other harm […]

Share Christie Running for Mayor of the Big Island

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* Keep the dream of freedom alive! * Aloha from me, and from Roger who sends you his blessings from his prison cell at the federal detention center in Honolulu. He wishes he was with us here today, and spiritually he IS here with us through my voice. He has his 6th hearing for bail […]

Open Letter From Professor Dick Miller to US Attorney Florence T. Nakakuni

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October 28, 2011 Florence T. Nakakuni, U.S. Attorney PIKK Federal Bldg. 300 Ala Moana Blvd., Room 6100 Honolulu, HI 96850 Dear Florence, I am writing you to express my very sincere feelings about the gross injustice which has led to Roger Christie’s lengthy incarceration because of a denial of bail and the possibility that even […]

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