Big Brother v. We the people


Judge clears U.S. crackdown on Oakland medical pot shop


God bless Steve DeAngelo and his family and crew and patients at Harborside. God bless the City of Oakland.

The fed’s are trying – and succeeded in way too many instances – to make it a government of Big Brother v. We the people

From what I know of metaphysics and of physics … “the power” needs to begin to come-out from the mana (inner spiritual strength) within each of our individual selves, then out from our strong families, then out from our strong communities, then out from our counties and states to make Big Brother back-off into Little Brother, supposedly our servant, our employee.

Mana – inner spiritual strength that radiates outward.


Victim – receiver of unwanted action. From ‘victima’ – a small animal for slaughter in ancient religious ritual. :-O

“A coward dies a thousands deaths, a brave person only once.”

My 2 cents this morning.

Love, Roger


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