Birthday Wishes


Aloha. I hope this finds you in top-shape and high-spirits. Lucky me and Spirit-willing I’m about to celebrate my birthday this coming Sunday June 15th. I sure appreciate the love and support of YOU – my family, friends, THC Ministry members and some people who I’ve yet to meet all along the way. My blessings are many and worth remembering as I approach my 65th revolution around the sun. Thanks for being a part of my life. What a ride!

My birthday wish is that you would check-out Jeff Davis (“The Solar Guy”) as our next possible Governor of Hawai’i. [ ] It might be a strange birthday request, but I believe Jeff to be – by far – the most qualified candidate for Governor with the best ideas for problem solving and a great gift to all of us living in Hawai’i. I want you to know about him and if he appeals to you please pass the good word to all your friends. Let’s help to make our state the very best it can be from the ground-up and from the top-down by supporting and voting for Jeff Davis for Governor. Go Jeff!

I’m making a new book wish list for Share to post on my facebook page if you feel like treating me to a book as a birthday present. Or surprise me with one of your choosing. Either way, mahalo plenty if this is you!

For someone who feels called to give me a more expensive and useful birthday present I’d like to ask for a new computer. Share told me that our only computer died last week, a six year old Apple iBook. As I’m preparing to get out of here in the next few weeks or months (still zero specific date) I’ll need a new computer to continue my work and correspondence, to finish my book-in-progress, to help our lawyers with our appeals, and Share needs it now to keep-up and communicate with me on a daily basis until I come home. Please contact Share at (808) 753-8927 if this is you. A very big thank you(!) if you can help to make this birthday wish of mine come true.

With lots of love to you!




Roger Christie
99279-022 5A
Federal Detention Center
P.O. Box 30080
Honolulu, Hawai’i 96820



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  1. Deborah Spence aka Jo B'
    on Jul 21st, 2014
    @ 12:14 am

    Aloha Roger,
    I have dedicated my website to you because you sent me a page/letter
    telling who the hemp goddess was, Ninmah – Exalted Lady.
    I had started to read THE LOST BOOK OF ENKI and was able to discover
    the rest of the story. What a shocker, what a thriller – our fighting fathers !
    And who and what gets the brunt of their orchestrated conflicts – MOM and HERB ?
    Hope you enjoy my website – Anunnaki Half-breed Potheads.
    St. Jo B’

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