Call for the immediate release of Roger Christie

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People of Hawaii share the obligation of American citizenship in implementing the immediate release of Reverend Roger Christie. A gentleman of peace and scholarship, is imprisoned without trial or bail since last July until next April.

Every resident of and visitor to Hawaii, who values due process of law, the U.S. Constitution and our freedom of religion, need to start filing human rights complaints to the United Nations, the Hawaii Civil Rights Commission, and with your chosen religious organizations. Roger’s case has been “elevated” in legal significance by the ham-fisted way in which he is being treated by the courts.

They have certainly shot themselves in the foot by denying Roger bail AND postponing his trial! until end of April! 2011…! How extreme, how beautifully clumsy the machine can be in its arrogance and disrespect for human nature, the good side of it. It is precisely that Roger has shaken the outlaw regime up enough to cause their minions to over- step legal authority.

Imagine, suspending due process, imposing prison without trial, slandering a man of peace in the least convincing way, all of it adds up to a major victory for Roger Christie and the rest of us. We will celebrate on the still moon solstice, and give thanks for the powers of the Earth that sustain us.

Drink deep the energy of the Earth and Cosmos. The rivers are pure and endless, healing beyond our ability to comprehend, challenging our souls to trust in truth. People are increasingly coming to see clearly, to understand that the abuse of rights within the corrupted, corroded injustice system threaten everyone of us.

The “drug war” is plainly running interference for the chemical companies. Roger’s release from prison — before Christmas — warrants immediate public concern and obvious correction in a “Gaiatherapeutic” direction.

Paul J. von Hartmann
California Cannabis Ministry

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  1. Paul J. von Hartmann
    on Dec 14th, 2010
    @ 3:02 am


    Reverend Roger Christie is a peacemaker, standing up for Hawaii State & U.S. Federal Constitutions and everyone’s fundamental human rights. The false characterization of Roger as a “danger to his community” is easily dismissed as false by considering The Ho‘omaluhia or “Peacemaker” Award awarded to Roger in 2001.

    The Drug Policy Forum of Hawai‘i is Hawai‘i’s leading organization dedicated to safe, responsible, and effective drug policies.

    “As the premiere drug policy reform organization in Hawai‘i we’ve worked at the Drug Policy Forum of Hawai‘i to safeguard the rights of sick and dying patients and their physicians under the state medical marijuana law; conducted and commissioned research on policy issues and implementation; fought for reasonable approaches on drug testing, treatment, and prevention; and focused public attention on implications and alternatives to the failed War on Drugs.

    “Each year at its Annual Meeting the Drug Policy Forum of Hawai‘i (DPFH) presents its Ho‘omaluhia Award. The Ho‘omaluhia or “Peacemaker” Award has been awarded since 2001 to an individual or organization for achievement in the development and advancement of rational and humane drug policies. It can be given for achievement in any of the following areas: journalism, law, scholarship, citizen action, control and enforcement, medicine and treatment or education.

    “The purpose of the award is to bring attention and recognition to the awardee’s work, to encourage continuation of these efforts, and to bring attention to the accomplishments of these persons or organizations thereby encouraging others.

    “The award was initiated by Professor Emeritus Leslie Wilbur, University of Southern California, who now lives in Honolulu and who underwrites the $1,000 award each year. The recipient is chosen by the Board of Directors of the Drug Policy Forum, with input from Prof. Wilbur, from nominees put forward by its members and supporters each year.

    Past recipients of the Ho‘omaluhia Award have been:

    2001: Rev. Dennis Shields and Rev. Roger Christie, long time Big Island cannabis activists 2002: Dr. William Wenner, Big Island physician active in lobbying for Hawai‘i medical marijuana law and in certification of patients for registration with the state
    2003: Donald M. Topping, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus, University of Hawai‘i Manoa, former Director of the Social Science Research Institute, and Co-Founder of DPFH.
    2004: Tracy Ryan, Chair of the Libertarian Party of Hawai‘i
    2005: Lerisa Heroldt, EJ Heroldt and Andy Bumatai for their leadership with other parents trying to prevent The Mid Pacific Institute from initiating drug testing of its students.
    2006: Tricia Wright, MD FACOG, Assistant Professor, UH School of Medicine, founder of Hawai‘i’s first perinatal clinic for women with substance use.

    (Wikipedia/Roger Christie)

    Since July 8th, the first recipient of the Drug Policy Forum of Hawai‘i’s Ho‘omaluhia Award sits in federal prison, denied bail five times, his trial postponed until April 26th, 2011.

    “My legal efforts resulted in grounding of all the ‘marijuana eradication program’ helicopters in the year 2000 on Hawai’i island. I shared the yearly prize and won a koa box with brass placque and a check for $500, for my work in bringing attention to the many benefits of the Cannabis hemp plant, and the potential social, health and economic blessings of bringing the ‘war on marijuana’ to a peaceful and harmonious end.

    “After being wrongfully arrested and indicted for legal hemp seeds with Aaron Anderson in 1992 we eventually won our case in court. We immediately ‘prosecuted the Prosecutor’ and settled for a $75,000. payment with Hawaii County, the Prosecutor’s employer.” –written statement by Reverend Roger Christie (personal communication 12/13/10)

    If there is “A New Day” for justice in Hawaii, then Governor Neil Abercrombie will certainly intervene to secure Roger’s release from prison, before Christmas please.

    As Roger often says, “God, that’s great! Please show us the blessings in this situation … and hurry! We are safe, we are loved and all is well. (OK, a few things DO need a little work!”

    Mahalo, Aloha, respect & love,



  2. Paul J. von Hartmann
    on Dec 25th, 2010
    @ 1:06 pm

    Thursday, December 9, 2010
    Release Reverend Roger Christie Immediately : A Formal, Public, International Exercise of “Civilian Demand” for the Rule of Law to be Respected
    This document is intended to serve the public interest through the formal, public, international exercise of “civilian demand” that the First Amendment of our Constitutions, both State and Federal, be obeyed, due process followed, and our “freedom of religion” respected in Hawaii. As the newly elected Governor of Hawaii, Mr. Abercrombie now has the responsibility of defending and enforcing the First Amendment of Constitutions, both State and Federal, which secure Roger Christie’s “freedom of religion” as they secure all of our “god-given, inalienable, natural rights.”

    Reverend Roger Christie’s imprisonment is, in essence, an attack on our national security by unobjective, chemically-addicted courts. A counter-productive “drug war” has been waged against Cannabis agriculture because hemp farming competes with the chemical industrial addiction imposed on our society for the past seventy-three years. The world’s most useful agricultural resource has been outlawed because dominant economic interests cannot compete with Cannabis in a free market.

    The contemporary crucifixion of Roger Christie in Hawaii is as blatant and obvious a proof of corporate corruption as the crimes of pollution being committed against the Natural Order. From Gulf war atrocities to “drug war” atrocities; from the Exxon Valdez to BP’s Gulf of Mexico disaster; from hydraulic “fracking” to the production of radioactive waste, America’s addictions to “Gaiacidal” chemicals and processes is precipitating evermore blatant extremes of self-destructive behavior.

    Reverend Christie has been disingenuously accused as a “danger to his community” when it is common knowledge that he has been a loved and widely respected peacemaker in his Big Island community for more than a quarter of a Century. It is criminal that he is being denied bail simply because he has been maliciously characterized by an employee of an unobjective court.

    Until Reverend Christie is released, a part of every American remains in prison. The magnitude of injustice in Roger Christie’s being denied due process of law, is measured in the incalculable sacrifice of American patriots who fought to secure the legacy of freedom being violated and disrespected. In truth, there is no true freedom anywhere as long as a man of peace is wrongly imprisoned.

    Please show consideration in the form of compassion, leniency, mercy, clemency and active, proportionate appreciation for the good work done by Roger Christie in mitigating the hard drug epidemic in Hawaii. It is well-known that a shortage of ‘pakalolo’ in Hawaii translates into increased hard drug and alcohol abuse, gang violence, crime…

    I trust that Mr. Abercrombie’s will recognize the opportunity for true leadership, presented by the polar shifts in medical science, public perceptions and political realities surrounding Cannabis ecology, agriculture, manufacture and trade. As Governor of a State that is being “broiled” by UV-B radiation, I would think that you of all people would recognize the critical “strategic” significance of Cannabis, recognized by seven American Presidents as being “of first necessity.”

    A timely response to this “Civilian Demand” is requested, as every day that Roger Christie is robbed of in prison is precious time that is gone forever.

    Mahalo! for your vision of a “New Day” for Hawaii. I trust it is one where the bright sunshine of truth and clear rivers of freedom will begin to flow under your leadership and courage.

    Paul von Hartmann
    California Cannabis Ministry
    former Hawaii resident,
    Oahu 1958-1960
    Maui, 1988-1992
    Big Island 1998-1999

  3. Paul J. von Hartmann
    on Dec 26th, 2010
    @ 5:00 pm

    Comment on AlterNet article by to Tony Newman “Top 8 Drug Stories of 2010: Momentum Is Building to End the Failed Drug War”

    Thanks to Tony Newman and AlterNet for pointing out several noteworthy, incremental shifts that happened in drug policy during 2010. There is one MAJOR victory that bears special mention because it is happening right NOW. The wrongful imprisonment-without-trial of Reverend Roger Christie, in Hawaii, is less than obvious and fundamentally relevant to much more than just the drug reform movement. Currently in process, the outcome of this crucially decisive contest depends on people’s awareness of what’s really happening, clearly visible in the truths that have already been revealed by it.

    ‘Mahalo’ to Sister Lauren for reminding people of the sacrifice being made by Reverend Christie, a True American Hero of 2010 who is spending this Christmas in federal prison. Imprisoned since July 8th, Roger Christie has been denied bail five times, is not allowed visitors and has had his trial postponed until April 2011 ! Does this not register as outrageous on every patriotic American’s Constitutional Richter Scale?

    Formally recognized for his work as a “peacemaker” by the Hawaiian community he has served for the past quarter of a Century, Roger is nevertheless being maliciously characterized as a “danger to his community” by the court, using mere slander to suspend the Constitution, cancel religious freedom, and over-ride due process of law. Several elected officials, community leaders, and many people on the Big Island and elsewhere have written letters of support for Roger, calling for his immediate release from prison.

    That Roger is being extrajudicially punished proves how effective he has been in establishing a potent First Amendment religious transcendence of Cannabis prohibition statutes. In fact, most religions acknowledge the spiritual legitimacy of “every herb bearing seed” rendering prohibition of any herb beyond the rightful jurisdiction of any court. Considered objectively, it is obvious that the Cannabis plant is an herb, not a “drug.” The legal and practical distinctions are significant.

    Drugs don’t make seeds. Herbs make seeds. Cannabis agriculture happens to be both unique and essential for three very specific reasons (nutritionally, ecologically, industrially). Cannabis is therefore logically and morally essential, valuable beyond the moral accountability of any court.

    For the past ten years, Roger has applied for and received government licenses and permits in a sincere attempt to legally codify the THC Ministry, while openly making sacramental Cannabis available to church members on Main Street in Hilo. Roger has been effective as any single individual activist alive, in educating the public about the nutritional values of Cannabis seed; blocking the federal funds for helicopter eradication in Hawaii; making marijuana enforcement the lowest priority for Big Island police, and actively mitigating the hard drugs epidemic, exacerbated by the scarcity of marijuana in Hawaii (NIDA report,1991).

    That the federal court system has suspended due process to keep Roger from being able to defend himself shows that his righteous, direct defense of our basic human rights is a threat to the incumbent outlaw political regime that has usurped control of the United States government. Not only are both the State and Federal Constitutions being shredded in Hawaii, everyone’s fundamental human right of free religion is being shamelessly attacked in the name of a failed, counter-productive so-called “drug war” [sic]. In truth the war on Cannabis and spirituality is a war on free market organic agriculture and our freedom of choice.

    Unfortunately, the enormous significance of what Roger has achieved seems to have been lost on the funded elements of the drug policy reform groups, who have yet to contribute meaningfully to Roger’s defense. Unlike the charlatans and “drug dealers” he has been wrongfully compared to by some, Roger has no financial spoils with which to defend himself or his co-defendants.

    The federal court system in the U.S. has been revealed as an unobjective lackey, fronting for the corporate corruption it protects. If you really want to make a difference in ending prohibition, then please help support Roger.

    If you can, please send Roger a letter to let him know that he has your appreciation and support.

    Send you letter to:
    Roger Christie
    Federal Bureau of Prisons
    Unit 5B
    PO BOX 30080
    Honolulu, HI 96820

    The Cannabis Charity Education and Defense Fund is a non profit organization established to help people like Roger Christie and the Green 14. Please donate to them by using the form at

    You can also write a letter of appeal to the newly elected governor of Hawaii, Mr. Neil Abercrombie. He is the point-person in Hawaii whose responsibility it is to uphold the Constitution. A “pre-trial pardon” is certainly in order, and a fair consideration of what’s happened here is required.

    It remains for the drug policy reform community to maintain whatever momentum still remains from the widespread agreement on “legalization” congealed by Prop 19. I am calling on DPA, MPP, NORML, DPFA and others who can afford to, to act on this now. There is strength in truth, but it requires unity. As in any “tug-of-war” the side that pulls together at the same time, is undeafeatable.

    for meaningful holidays, in peace,


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