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Hello out there,

Aloha. Apparently a very big-deal religious freedom case was won yesterday at the U.S. Supreme Court. It’s called the “Hobby Lobby” case and it has to do with the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, the same act we’re using in our appeal for Cannabis freedom in the THC Ministry. Talk radio shows are buzzing over it today.

1.) With lots of publicity today about the case and its meaning for religious freedom would you please add links to our [ ] and [ ] websites? A link to my “Dear Christian” letter would also be appropriate as the family who won the case are sincere Christians. They seem like really nice people.

2.) I read that the family who owns the Hobby Lobby Company are billionaires who meet every month and decide who to donate generous amounts of money to. I’d like the mailing address for them so I can write and explain our case for religious freedom and our interpretation of the center of Christianity – ANOINTING – to them.

3.) I also read that there’s a group called the Beckett Fund for Religious Liberty (I think) who looks for religious freedom cases to support. We need legal and financial help RIGHT NOW(!) to write and file our appeal brief, and invite amicus briefs, that are due August 7th! Please send me the mailing address for this group so I can write to them asap. If you want to email them a link to my “Dear Christian” letter and BOTH of our websites Share and I would appreciate it. Mahalo!

4.) Same as number 3 above for other public interest law firms or groups dedicated to religious freedom. Thanks!

The more we know about the healing value of Cannabis and cannabinoids, the easier it is to imagine that being anointed with authentic holy anointing oil is a very blessed thing for the body and the spirit.

All the best religious freedom to you and yours!




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