Cannabis + calamus root powder = :-p

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The 1980’s version of the book THE YOGA OF HERBS by Drs. Vasant Lad and David Frawley tells us some of the benefits of calamus root powder. It’s a brain tonic and energizer. Nicknamed ‘sweet-flag’, it grows near marshes and has a long history of use by native Americans and is highly regarded by the Vedas in India. It’s recommended for mental clarity and for extra physical energy without being a stimulant.

When a pinch of calamus root powder is added to Cannabis and smoked together the combination helps to awaken the user mentally and physically. Calamus reduces the negative toxic effects of Cannabis, or ‘marijuana’ on the brain and the liver. It can also help to reduce the toxic side-effects of psychedelic drugs. Calamus root powder can also be taken with honey; add a pinch of the powder to a 1/4 teaspoon of honey and eat it together. Terrific!

Native Americans have said that when hiking or running to chew a calamus root makes it feel like their ‘feet never even touched the ground’. In other words it makes hiking or running more like flying. I agree. Great stuff. :-p

Order organic calamus root powder from the internet by going to www dot I Am Shaman dot com. Approximately $20. per pound delivered. Remember to order it powdered for easier use.

All the best to everyone!

Love, Roger



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