Cannabis is Good

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1.) Cannabis is reportedly the most commonly-used spiritual / religious sacrament in human history. In our opinion it must be legal for religious reasons in the only country on Earth founded on principles of religious freedom.

2.) The are photos of antique legal Cannabis medicine bottles from reputable U.S. pharmaceutical companies available online. How about showing a few of them enlarged by projector at the hearing? ‘A picture can be worth a thousand words’.

3.) The U.S. government’s extra-ordinary marijuana research farm is at ‘Ole Miss in Oxford, Mississippi. The Director is Dr. Mahmoud El Sohly. He could make a terrific ‘expert witness’ for us to settle the matter of medical marijuana, once and for all. He even started his own medical marijuana pharmaceutical company to sell med-pot suppositories, time-release patches, etc. Please see about giving this top professional a subpoena for our team. How could the government object? He’s THEIR GUY. :-p Google and see. (If you object to calling him as our witness maybe you would consider using some photos and website information from the farm as our evidence? Please hear me on this. Mahalo.)

4.) There are now two U.S. patents for medical marijuana held by the U.S. government! Please use this for our hearing, if can do. A recent Nobel Prize in medicine is for cannabinoid research.

5.) The D.E.A. reportedly has applications for ‘religious exemptions’ for Cannabis sacrament. The application form has zero ‘qualifiers’ publically available as I remember. One might have to admit a crime just to apply. I’ve mentioned this many times to Tommy before. Please confirm if they do, or do not give any ‘exemptions’ out. Who has one, if anyone? This seems important for our hearing on Void for Vagueness. True?

6.) We did zero “knowingly and intentionally” commit crimes. We knowingly and intentionally practiced our Cannabis sacrament religion with a unique State license and verbal permission from multiple federal law enforcers, multiple HPD cops and one federal Judge. We tried very hard to be in integrity with all levels of law enforcement.

7.) Elrod v. Burns 427 U.S. 347, 373 (1976). “The loss of First Amendment freedoms, for even minimal periods of time, unquestionably constitutes irreparable injury.” Wow! Can we use this?

8.) I claim that my State license to marry people with “Cannabis sacrament” allowed me to grow or acquire the sacrament, to possess it, to transport it and to distribute it in legal ceremonies. All things that we’re being charged with now.

9.) After two + years of intense surveillance the government declined to arrest any of us during their raid in March of 2010. We obviously presented zero ‘compelling governmental interest’ or ‘danger to the community’ at that time or they would have arrested us and stopped our actions on the spot. Our religious exercise has certainly been ‘substantially burdened’.

10.) Least ‘restrictive means’ would have been to call me or send a letter advising me that I was violating the law.

11.) Please call State Narcotics Enforcement Administrator Keith Kamita and ask him if he used to recommend medical marijuana patients to go to the THC Ministry to find medical marijuana. A few patients told me that was true.

12.) “The first real evidence of marijuana’s anti-carcinogenic properties appeared back in 1975, when the remarkable and somewhat shocking results of an oncology research project were published in the respected Journal of the National Cancer Institute. In the paper, “Anti-cancer Activity of Cannabinoids,” researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University described how the growth of a certain type of lung cancer in mice was inhibited by the oral administration of three naturally-occuring cannabinoids. Although the surprising results were reported in the Washington Post, they were treated as an anomaly rather than as a promising new field of research. Shortly after this study was published, Congress established the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) to be the nation’s gatekeeper of all research into illegal drugs and substances and gave it a strict mandate to research only the harm posed by such compounds. Any research into the possible benefits of marijuana or cannabinoids was subsequentially forbidden, and the study was ignored.”

From “Marijuana; Gateway to Health How Cannabis Protects Us From Cancer and Alzheimer’s Disease” by Clint Werner. www dot MarijuanaGatewayToHealth dot com.

In 1975 cancer affected approximately one in twenty people. In 2013 cancer affects approximately one in three people. (Please confirm these estimated statistics.)

13.) The Doctrine of Latches: If an adverse party unreasonably delays informing you of a right or a claim and this results in permanent damage to your ability to defend yourself then such a claim may be barred from court.

Conduct of party which has placed another party in a situation where their rights will be imperiled and their defenses embarassed is a basis of laches. Knowledge, unreasonable delay, and change of position are essential elements.

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