Video: Rev Roger Christie Testifies to Hawaii County Council on Helicopter Overflights – 8-23-2006

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Hawaii Mayoral History


Hello Jeri, Aloha to thee. So sorry to hear of the spider bite(s). I keep hearing the ads for * Carnivora * to remove unwanted cells from the body – maybe that can remove any lingering toxins from you? Just a hopeful, helpful thought. I wish you speedy recovery! Did you ever see what www […]

Roger would love to help his mom with her Arthritis challenges

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Posted on 05/14/2012 in Medical Marijuana Research By the year 2030, sixty-seven million Americans ages 18 years or older are projected to have doctor-diagnosed arthritis. Currently, there are more than thirty-one million people who are either diagnosed or suffering from arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis are two common types of arthritis, but both of these […]

9 Pillars of the Christie Mayor Campaign 2012

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Mayors form for Share August 14, 2012, I received over 500 votes, and that’s after I told people to please vote for Dominic Yagong, and learned a lot being on the campaign trail, and thank my husband for empower me with that Hawai’i County voter – aloha. My name is Share Christie and I ask […]

Share’s Mayoral Platform 2012

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Q&A from Big Island Chronicle, August 2012 @@@ Aloha. My name is Share Christie and it’s my pleasure to introduce myself in the race for Mayor of Hawai’i County, one of the most special and beautiful places on Earth. I was born in Ohio and raised in southern California. I’m a wife and a Mother, […]

Supporting the Constitution

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Hello out there, Aloha to thee. There’s still time to write and email a short letter to the Editor in support of the Constitution, if you’re into it. Mahalo. (If you do send one please send me a copy.) All the best to you, Roger   Dear Paul, Constitution Day is Monday, September 17, designated […]

The News Media Must Acknowledge that Cannabis is Not Schedule 1 Drug

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In my opinion, everyone that does a news piece on ‘medical marijuana’ and its conflict with federal law needs to be educated to highlight the absurd and fraudulent definition of Schedule 1 as a controlled substance that has “no recognized medical use in treatment in the USA”, and is “dangerous to use even under a […]

Cannabis Agriculture vs. “Global Broiling” : An Inconvenient Solution

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If we don’t address conditions of increasing UV-B radiation, then it won’t matter at all what problems we do solve. Reverend Chrisite’s exoneration and his immediate release from prison, is an epic legal opportunity for immediately ending Cannabis prohibition, by urgent global necessity. “How bad do things have to get, before all solutions are considered?” Because of what is at stake, Reverend Christie’s is truly “The Trial for the Century.”

Who’s Afraid of the Big Island’s Cannabis Minister?

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“God, that’s great! Please show us the blessings in this situation… And hurry! We are safe. We are loved, and all is well…” Roger blesses  wedding party the day before the arrest “What a trick this is for a plant, to produce a chemical so mysterious in its effects on human consciousness that the plant […]

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