Audio Transcript: Hawaii Senate Committee Hearing Roger Christie Resolutions

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@@@ [flowplayer src=’′ width=510 height=325 splashend=show splash=’’ controlbar=show autoplay=false] UNOFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT Roger Christie Resolutions SCR75/SR42 Audio excerpts, 10 APRIL 2013 Hawaii State Senate Judiciary Committee, Sen. Clayton Hee, Chair HEE: THE SECOND ONE IS THE ROGER CHRISTIE, URGING THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT TO RELEASE ROGER CHRISTIE. … SENATOR DO YOU WANT TO JOIN US? (inaudible)… THE […]

D.C. Circuit Denies Medical Marijuana

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@@@ Hello out there, Aloha to thee. How interesting to see this news. It makes me sad for all the millions of deserving medical patients. Hopefully it will generate even more action to legalize ‘marijuana’ on the state level and bypass medical marijuana. It makes me extra grateful to have a spiritual practice to deal […]

Leahy: The Drug War is a Failure

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Senate Judiciary Chair Declares Defeat In War On Drugs @@@ Hello out there, Aloha to thee. This is a good first step – realizing there’s a problem. Now to crafting an action plan to do something about it. Senator Leahy is in position to take effective action now. What, if anything, will he do to […]

Cannabis Agriculture vs. “Global Broiling” : An Inconvenient Solution

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If we don’t address conditions of increasing UV-B radiation, then it won’t matter at all what problems we do solve. Reverend Chrisite’s exoneration and his immediate release from prison, is an epic legal opportunity for immediately ending Cannabis prohibition, by urgent global necessity. “How bad do things have to get, before all solutions are considered?” Because of what is at stake, Reverend Christie’s is truly “The Trial for the Century.”

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