* Operation Gladio? * Where’s Congress? *

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@@@ Hello friends, Aloha to thee. “Interesting times”. I hope you’re doing as well as can be. Eating fresh, fertile high-potency Cannabis seeds and juicing raw, fresh leaves with carrots or beets, etc. daily. (Except for Share til we get free) Would you please check wikipedia for “Operation Gladio”? And send to me. Mahalo. Alex […]

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@@@ Well, no wonder … Operation Mockingbird = 3,000 + or – U.S. journalists on C.I.A. ‘retainer’. Says wikipedia @@@ MK:ULTRA. C.I.A.’s domestic mind control program for U.S. citizens. Bad dog off leash bites owner? Program cancelled? @@@ Operation Paperclip. Nazi scientists imported to work for the C.I.A. after WW II. See MK:ULTRA and MK:NAOMI. […]

Rev Roger Tweets 2-9-13

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@@@ Aloha. Public court hearing on Motion(s) to Dismiss now scheduled for March 4th. March fourth. March forth! :-p @@@ Many new charges recently filed against me, some on Share, and some on our Green Fourteen. I feel spiritually STRONGER! And so it is. @@@ Eye-opening … www dot David Icke dot com Holy flippin’ […]

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@@ There r reportedly 2 main cannabinoids in Black Hole Appetite Enhancement Formula w/ zero Cannabis. They ‘mimic’ Cannabis. :-O @@@ Check-out [ www dot StartPage dot com ] as a safer substitute for Google. StartPage uses Google, but with zero ‘tracking’. @@@ LONGEVINEX sounds amazing! ‘Anti-aging’, plus lots more good stuff. Check it out. […]

Cannabis Agriculture vs. “Global Broiling” : An Inconvenient Solution

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If we don’t address conditions of increasing UV-B radiation, then it won’t matter at all what problems we do solve. Reverend Chrisite’s exoneration and his immediate release from prison, is an epic legal opportunity for immediately ending Cannabis prohibition, by urgent global necessity. “How bad do things have to get, before all solutions are considered?” Because of what is at stake, Reverend Christie’s is truly “The Trial for the Century.”

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