Clearing State Senators for a visit w/me

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Hello out there,

Aloha to thee. It’s Thursday and almost noon on March 28th. I was just visited by a B.O.P. Administration official who asked me if I give my permission for two State Senators to visit me early next week; Senators Will Espero, Chair of the Intergovernmental Affairs Committee, and Russell Ruderman of Puna. I was wondering if they had lost interest in visiting me, but apparently just the opposite is true. If any State Senator has influence on the federal government it might be the Chair if the Intergovernmental Affairs Committee. God, that’s great!

I also asked the Admin. official if he could help in getting an answer to me about Share’s visiting privileges being denied without cause. He said he’d look into it and get back with me. I think Share has only been allowed to visit with me three times in 32 + months. What’s really odd is that we’ve received nothing in writing as to any cause for suspending her visits, or the length of time for any suspension. Where’s the blessing in that?

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