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Hello out there in relative freedom-land,

Aloha. I hope this finds you in fine shape and good spirits enjoying your life. Share asked me to write about what’s going-on in here for me lately so here’s a brief news report about life in 5B at the Honolulu Federal Detention Center. I’m doing pretty well in all areas and appreciate my many blessings.

Unit 5B houses about 120 guys. There was a fight in our unit a few weeks ago with about 6 guys slugging it out. The fighters all got taken to the S.H.U., Special Housing Unit where they are locked in a cell 24/7 with a trickle of cold water to shower in, zero tv, zero commissary, zero exercise area, zero telephone or email access, etc. They likely will not come back to 5B. The rest of us were locked-down in our cells here in 5B for a few days. As soon as the Administration let us out to see if all was well, two guys almost immediately got into a fight(!), they were taken immediately to the S.H.U. and the guards locked-down the rest of us AGAIN for 8 long days.

“Locked-down” means we, the ones who didn’t fight or violate anything, are locked into our cells 24/7 with 1 very quick hot shower every three days, all meals delivered to us through a slot in the cell door, zero tv, zero commissary, zero hot water, zero exercise yard, zero access to telephone, email, etc. As it stands now we were recently allowed out ‘free’ in the unit from 6 a.m. until 3:45 p.m. when we are locked-down until let out at dinner for 30 minutes around 5 p.m., and then we’re locked-down for the night at 5:30.

Most of the guys in 5B are “pre-trial” status like me, or they’ve been recently convicted by taking a plea deal and awaiting their sentencing, or they’ve recently been sentenced and are awaiting designation and flight to whatever prison they’re headed to to serve their long prison sentence. Almost half the guys in here are Mexicans; many who don’t speak a word of English. Some of the guys are state inmates housed here because of overcrowding somewhere else. Many of the inmates in here are ‘meth’ cases who get looooong sentences of 10 years, 20 years, 30 years to life. Prohibition sucks.

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  1. Thomas John Taylor
    on Aug 15th, 2013
    @ 5:37 pm

    Aloha Brother, I was convicted of sale and transfer of 1 gram of marijuana in 1965 and sent to Leavenworth for 87 years because I was in the Military and an Anti-War Activist that served 15 months until a reversal whereas I went AWOL all the way to Sweden to form The American Deserters Committee. I returned after being captured in France Organizing a New Chapter, traded with Germany at the Border and Poisoned with LSD by The Military, sent to Valley Forge, given An Honorable Discharge and set Free, but constant surveillance and persecution up to this day. The Empire and all its Agents are EVIL. I moved to Hawaii where I practiced Ganjanomics and Lost 15 properties to Gov’t Confiscator. I am 65 and need relief from a Genetic Disorder that is a painful fibrosis that Dr’s prescribe Morphine and Oxy for, but I only take when I am Out of Herbal Sacrament. GOD WILL WIN with You Being Free. I still await your Release and Return to the Ministry to Help Me be Free from Lifelong Pain.

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