Dietary Cannabis – Do you know how good this is?

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Hello out there,

Aloha to thee. Paul vH was good enough to send me a long treatise on dietary Cannabis which is so important that I will forward it to you. In the meantime, I feel like summarizing it.

All the best health to you and yours!

Love, Roger


There are apparently now two US Patents on Cannabis: 1. US Patent 6,630,507, and 2. US Patent 7,807,711.

Once it was confirmed that the unheated, fresh, raw Cannabis plant was ZERO ‘psychoactive’ the dose could be raised dramatically to test it without overdosing anyone.

See TREATING YOURSELF Magazine Issue No. 24 for the article “Cannabis as a Unique Functional Food” by Dr. Wm. Courtney.

See www dot Cannabis International dot org for details. Cannabis Angels dot com, LEAF on YouTube, etc.

Heating Cannabis devastates its enormous dietary potential.

Using Cannabis as a dietary essential there is zero need to call it a medicine. :-p It is a strategic ‘food resource’ covered by President Obama’s Executive Order No. 13603 to be used for “essential civilian demand” … like now.

As we recognize that Cannabis is a dietary essential for 7 billion people on Earth we can employ the CO-2 fixation capacity of billions of acres of Cannabis to heal the Earth while it provides all of “we the people” with the finest dietary support. :-p

One ingredient in Marinol, the legal, synthetic THC pharmaceutical drug contains a carcinogen recognized by Canada. Titanium dioxide. :-[

“The raw dietary use of Cannabis is the only way to get the full benefit of this plant.” Dr. William Courtney

90 – 99.99% of the medicinal activities of Cannabis plants are destroyed by heating it in any way.

Juicing is the best way to utilize Cannabis as a food, medicine or sacrament! Dilute the fresh, raw Cannabis juice with carrots or other vegetables to taste. Or just chew a fresh leaf 8 times per day for maximum benefit. Easy.

Most people need dietary Cannabis daily to prevent disease and stay as young and healthy as possible.

The single most important thing you can put into your mouth every day is approximately 8 fresh Cannabis leaves.

The amount of THC in a cup of heated Cannabis juice could exceed 100 joints worth! Drink cold or room temp. Don’t ever heat it! :-O

Cannabis is the new standard, poster-child for all raw food to be judged by. It is – by far – the very best on Earth.

Fresh, raw Cannabis leaves and flowers (buds) eaten or taken in juice are non-psychoactive so one can drive and totally function in their daily life.

The amount of money spent on diseases that Cannabis could PREVENT equals the entire military budget.

Dr. Courtney is now working on developing a strain of Cannabis called “Carbon Capture and Storage”. :-p Climate healing.

Fresh, raw Cannabis eaten and or juiced is a better substitute for most vaccines and medicines. Excellent for impoverished areas, countries and peoples.

Magnesium Chloride is a potent mineral medicine; safe, effective and fast-acting. Second only to Cannabis. (?)

Fresh, raw Cannabis eaten and or juiced is anti-aging. :-p

Cannabis hemp is the TREE OF LIFE. And so it is.


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