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Dear Roger,

Nine former heads of the Drug Enforcement Administration are standing in our way to legalize marijuana in three states this year.

In Colorado, Oregon and Washington, ballot initiatives will let the voters decide whether they want to legalize marijuana in their states. These former DEA officials are so scared that the public will vote to legalize that they sent a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder asking him to oppose all the ballot initiatives.

Let’s show the Attorney General that our voice is stronger than former drug war generals. Urge Attorney General Holder to let states decide their own marijuana policies this November!

In the past few years, the states have been on the front lines of marijuana legalization. We’ve seen 17 states and the District of Columbia legalize marijuana for medical purposes and 15 states have effectively decriminalized marijuana possession in small amounts. More than half of all Americans support marijuana legalization. And the ballot initiatives in Colorado, Oregon and Washington have promising chances of passing.

The people who want to maintain marijuana prohibition are afraid. That’s why supporters of the drug war status quo are urging Holder to speak out against marijuana legalization. They’re desperate to block our progress, and they want to overshadow all the work you’ve done getting to this historic moment. They know if even one of these states legalizes marijuana, it would change the future of drug policy in our country — and we know it would be change for the better.

Don’t let drug war proponents get in the way of marijuana legalization. Pressure Attorney General Holder to let voters decide their own marijuana policies this election year.

With your help, we can make sure nothing stands in the way of states voting to legalize marijuana this November!


Bill Piper

Director, Office of National Affairs

Drug Policy Alliance

This is complete garbage. The fault lies with the states, not Eric Holder. Until the states challenge federal classification, Holder has no obligation to do anything for them.

You have to understand the nature of our system of dual sovereigns. The federal government is the servant of the states. The states are the servants of the people.

All of the reform groups have conspired together to lead us down this false path that will never get us anywhere.

Carl Olson

Carl Olson has been a friend with Roger the last 2 Year’s , I’ve yet to see the drug policy alliance do anything for Roger

Roger was just denied they time by the 9th Circuit Court

would love to hear some comments from others on this issue

Mahalo from Share Christie


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