Fukushima Alert!

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Hello out there,

Aloha from FDC Honolulu on Sunday Nov. 10th. I hope you’re doing great!

Last night’s Coast to Coast was another eye-opener! Thanks, I think. John B Wells hosted four experts on nuclear science and health. John’s trying hard to awaken ALL the people to the facts about Fukushima’s deadly effects, especially since almost zero media report on it. What’s up with THAT, anyway? It’s sure evident that we all need to stay-up on this subject and do whatever we can to protect ourselves and our families and communities.

1.) Arnie Gunderson was the first guest. He’s a nuclear scientist and well-educated in the field. Google him and see his reports.

2.) David Blume is the author of “Alcohol Can Be A Gas”. He promotes alcohol fuel as a substitute for nuclear, oil and gasoline. He says his book tells how to make a still to make alcohol fuel legally at home for $.50 cents a gallon! He’s promoting alcohol fuel as a small business model wherever there’s free green waste, coffee cherries, discarded papayas, etc. Alcohol fuel is apparently clean-burning and it sounds like we need some on the Big Island. See [ www.BlumeDistillation.com ] for details. He says he has a chart of 2,000 alcohol fuel stations in the U.S.A. Need a new business? Check it out!

3.) Dr. John Apsley. [ www.DrApsley.com ]. He told about preventing radiation sickness and cancer by eating healthier: mushrooms, Atlantic kelp, Vitamin C, melatonin, “NAC” from Mother’s milk, selenium, green tea, and apples. All reportedly help to prevent cancer and all of the deadly effects coming from Fukushima.

4.) The other websites the guests recommend are: [ www.NuclearDarkness.org ], and [ www.CaravanToMidnight.com ].

I want to know WHO in Hawai’i is reporting on Fukushima? WHAT news media does a daily and/or weekly report? PLEASE tell me. Fukushima might be the biggest challenge we have as a country in our lifetime. News media MUST report it, or someone needs to open a website to do it and shame the media into reporting on it.

Rumor is ALL the Pacific fish are poisoned NOW. Is this true? Is it safe to swim in the ocean in Hawai’i? In California? We need to know NOW. Mahalo.

God, that’s great! Please show us the blessings in THIS situation … and hurry! We are safe, we are loved and all is well.

All the best to everyone!

Love, Roger


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  1. Saint Jo B'
    on Nov 11th, 2013
    @ 9:04 pm


    The China Syndrome and On The Beach

    They prepared me for the future, which is now.

    Saint Jo B’

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