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Hey there John B.,

Aloha to thee. I hope this finds you and yours in top-shape and high-spirits!

It’s a big pleasure to hear you on Coast to Coast from my prison cell at the Honolulu Federal Detention Center on Saturday nights. Of course I’d prefer to be home, but our cause and our case is, in our opinion, so righteous that I’m just reporting to you from in here, not complaining from in here. For details of the case against me, my wife and the “Green Fourteen” please go to The-Last-Marijuana-Trial dot com. Like there was a last witch trial one day, we intend to be “the last marijuana trial”, the “clean-up batters” in federal court. God willing, so it shall be.

In the meantime I want to suggest an overlooked solution to most of the universal problems and challenges that “we the people” face daily. Your guests and topics continue to be thought-provoking and all-around excellent, however it’s high-time to add the FULL Cannabis hemp solution to deliver the blessings that most of “we the people” are craving TODAY. “Hemp’s the answer – what’s the question?”

Spiritual awakening

We see Cannabis hemp as a “botanical savior”. To help ‘save us’ from spiritual and mental slavery, malnutrition, pain, disease, toxic pharmaceuticals, war, eco-extinction and more. There’s talk about a global spiritual awakening called for and needed by most of ‘us’ immediately. Anandamide is the scientific name for the bliss stuff contained in ‘marijuana’. No wonder we love it! We suggest Cannabis sacrament as the way to make a global spiritual awakening happen almost immediately. Remember the spiritual awakening in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s? It was a renaissance, a real “golden age”. Jesus freaks, Krishna’s, anti-war protestors, free love, independent thinkers of all kinds; all fueled mostly by Cannabis, the sacrament of the peace and love culture. Now we know that Cannabis is an EN-THEO-GEN, meaning “in god begins”. Take a simple puff or two or three in the right ‘set and setting’ and in the right amount of organic herb and a spiritual awakening happens internally immediately.

Original sacrament for most of the world’s religions

Cannabis has been the world’s most commonly used spiritual and religious sacrament in human history, yet it’s still extremely prohibited in the one nation on Earth founded on religious freedom. What’s up with that? We need it and deserve it now. Google the Maha Kumbha Mela in India, the largest recorded gathering of humans ever on Earth; it was fueled by the Cannabis sacrament of Hindus about ten years ago.

Your audience needs to know more about Cannabis being the original sacrament of virtually every major religion. How? Because it’s an “entheogen”, ‘in God begins’, substance. It awakens and/or raises the consciousness, opens the mind and makes a very natural spiritual God-connection for virtually all of its users automatically. Now science also tells us that Cannabis is neurogenic, it builds healthy brain cells. Shintos, Hindus, Jews, Christians, Rastas all used Cannabis.

In addition to burning the incense, strong evidence exists to suggest Cannabis is the ‘fragrant cane’ in the sacred recipe for the holy anointing oil of Moses and the Christening oil of Jesus. It’s the ONE and ONLY oil formula the Bible says to be used ‘throughout all the generations’. Christ = anoint = Messiah. Linguistically the return of Christ is the return of anointing. The Messianic Age is the age of anointing. Anti-Christ means opposed to, or not anointed.

Hebrew-English dictionaries say that Cannabis hemp or marijuana is one definition for ‘kaneh bosem’ in the old testament recipe for the topical sacrament described in Exodus 30:23. “Anoint the head with oil” is to awaken the crown chakra shown by artists as a rainbow light or halo around head. Even the monarchs of England get anointed with specifically-made holy anointing oil before the crown is placed on their head for the first time. The Bible says that, “The yoke of our bondage will be broken by the anointing.” We feel that’s true if the anointing is LITERALLY done, not just as a symbolic thing. Let’s do it TODAY and break the bondage most of us feel. It can certainly break the bondage of marijuana prohibition once it’s widely known.

Many of us see Cannabis as the Biblical “tree of life” whose “leaves are for healing all the nations” as mentioned in Rev. 22:2 and 22:14. Rev. 22:3 “No longer will there be any curse.” That sure sounds good. It’s the ‘conclusion’ of the Bible mentioned three positive times on the very last page. Plenty blessings await us all, Brother. Cannabis has many ‘fruits’ and can be harvested every month as the definition requires. What else even comes close?

“Getting high” is a spiritual term and a spiritual activity. Who is God? The MOST HIGH. Right? High Priest, high place, high thoughts, high potency, high light, high road, high education, etc., etc. “We like to get-high to say ‘hi’ to the Most High!”

Healthiest food(s) on Earth; fresh, fertile seeds, and the juice of its leaves and ‘buds’

I’ve read that most of the people in the world wake-up every day looking for subsistence food to eat and fuel to burn. Cannabis hemp has it all in one plant; food and fuel. It’s a basic commodity that can compete with and or replace petroleum oil and gas, cattle, corn, cotton, soybeans, toxic pharmaceuticals, alcohol drinks, tobacco products, and more from any family garden or farm. The highest quality protein, aminos and essential fatty acids are contained in the seeds. The oil pressed from the seeds can be burnable fuel or edible oil. The most nutritious vegetable juice on Earth is made by juicing the fresh, raw leaves with carrots and or beets. Please see * LEAF * on YouTube for details, and please invite Dr. William Courtney of Cannabis International dot org as a guest.

Eating fresh, fertile Cannabis hemp, or ‘marijuana’ seeds will make all of us healthier and stronger TODAY. Eating a few raw ‘marijuana’ leaves, or juicing them with carrots and or beets will make all of us healthier and stronger TODAY, healthier than we’ve ever been! Obviously, being healthier than we’ve ever been will drastically reduce the demand for doctors, hospitals, drugs, etc. The more we exercise our ‘mana’, our inner spiritual strength, the more our ‘victim’ disappears.

There’s an ancient formula to make the simple “elixir of vitality” which became known as a liquid sacramental drink in many cultures from Tibet, China, India, Persia, etc. Take a seeded Cannabis flower ‘top’ and grind it up with whole milk (Cannabis is ‘fat soluble’), strain-out the pulp and drink the ‘leche verde’, or ‘green milk’ fresh. Super food! This drink became known as SOMA, HAOMA and BHANG. It needs to come back into popular use TODAY.

JohnB, this is just the beginning of the HEMP SOLUTION. You, your audience and your guests are demanding real, practical solutions for the giant challenges we all face on this planet in spirituality, nutrition, ecology and economics. TODAY is THE DAY to accept the PROVEN answers for these big problems. Please tell your audience that they can solve some of the biggest problems they face by immediately adopting a Cannabis hemp diet and using the plant as a sacrament for a spiritual awakening. Then we all need to lobby for total freedom for the Cannabis hemp ‘tree of life’ for all the other things it can do.

Here are a few people I recommend as guests on your show to detail more of what I’ve written to you about:

1. Dr. William Courtney of Cannabis International dot org.

2. Dr. Bob Melamede of Cannabis Science dot com.

3. Chris Bennett of the Urban Shaman dot com, author of “Cannabis and the Soma Solution”, POT-TV, etc.

4. Paul von Hartmann of the California Cannabis Ministry, producer of the DVD “Return to Reason”.

5. Paul Stanford of the THC Foundation.

And as my wife Share likes to say, “Please consider yourself well-hugged!” I love that.

All the very best to everyone!

With much love and deep respect,

Roger Christie

The Hawai’i Cannabis THC Ministry

www dot THC-Ministry dot org
www dot The-Last-Marijuana-Trial dot com

Temporary Pre-trial detainee no. 99279-022
Federal Detention Center 5B
P.O. Box 30080
Honolulu, Hawai’i 96820



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