How To Make Authentic Holy Anointing Oil


Hello friends,

Aloha. My recommendations to make authentic holy anointing oil:

Allow 30 + minutes of un-interrupted time to concentrate on this sacred and service. Wash your hands thoroughly. Turn-off your phone and background tv, radio, etc. Breathe deeply. Relax. Enjoy your part in this ancient and special ceremony.

A Bible opened to Exodus 30:23 and Mark 6:13 to give thanks to God, to Moses and to Jesus, the anointed and the anointer. This is a Hebrew/Christian lineage we follow here. It’s a ‘mandate’ from old to continue the tradition of anointing for the wellbeing of the tribe.

2 @ 2-cup Pyrex measuring cups
a small, electric coffee grinder
a stainless steel strainer
a clean, white cloth (12″ x 12″ or so)

1/4 Oz. Premium Cannabis flower tops (buds)
1 cup (8 Oz.) Organic Extra virgin olive oil
Premium “essential oils” (Young Living is one excellent purveyor)

30 drops of myrrh
15 drops of cinnamon and
30 drops of cassia (cinnamon leaf)

(Preferred Method) the olive oil in a double boiler until quite warm. add herb. heat for 20 min being careful not to scorch the mixture. With a sieve drain the oil off, squeezing all the oil out of the herb. Add the rest of the ingredients stirring gently let cool and package.

(if you don’t have a double boiler)Put one cup of olive oil in a Pyrex cup. Put the Pyrex cup in a saucepan of water. Heat the olive oil in the double boiler until water boils for a few minutes and the oil gets hot.

Grind Cannabis buds in an electric coffee grinder, or similar. Add the ground Cannabis to the hot olive oil. Re-heat the mixture of oil and Cannabis on low flame or temp. for approximately 5 – 10 min. (Boil the water – not the oil.)

The (HOT!) Pyrex measuring cup with the oil and Cannabis is ready to be poured through the cloth and strainer (like a paper coffee filter fits into a strainer) into another Pyrex cup. Squeeze the remaining ground buds and olive oil mash to get most of the liquid mixture into the second Pyrex cup.

* Add the leftover ‘mash’ to spaghetti sauce or baked goods, etc.

Now you will have a 2-cup Pyrex measuring cup containing one relatively clear cup of Cannabis-infused olive oil.

Add drops of myrrh (30), cinnamon (15) and cassia (30) essential oil.

Add prayer, intention, blessing, song, chant, music.

Pour into smaller bottles as desired. (8 @ 1 ounce bottles, or 16 @ one-half ounce bottles, etc.). Done.

Offer the aroma first. Most people love the smell, but if they don’t appreciate it – don’t anoint them. Why? Because once it’s ON a person – it’s IN the person.

Offer a prayer or a blessing to set a high and healing intention. Then apply a small amount, an ‘underdose’. Put a few drops on the inner wrist, pulse-points. Then rub wrists together. I recommend putting some from the wrist to under the nose and inhale deeply the 3,300 year-old sacred recipe to record it into your aromatic memory bank. Then put about ten drops on the crown of the head, as in ‘anoint your head with oil’. Amen.

Happy, blessed anointing to you and yours!

Love, Roger


8 Responses to “How To Make Authentic Holy Anointing Oil”

  1. Chris
    on Aug 3rd, 2017
    @ 8:00 pm

    Are there any sources of premade anointing oil. Or can I use cannabadiols paste in lieu of marijuana?

  2. Justin Thompson
    on Nov 2nd, 2017
    @ 3:32 pm

    I make holy anointing oil and if the world could only use this oil all the fighting and killings would stop my name is Justin Levi Thompson and if you want to contact me my number is 7198218070 call me any time I know it cost alot to make it I live in a assisted living home so funding is short I hope that you would want to buddy up and get oil made and get people transferred to the peace that our father started. Take care and I hope to here from you

  3. Jennifer
    on Mar 30th, 2018
    @ 9:59 pm

    Thank you for all this. Two things:
    1) is the measure for cannabis fresh or dried?
    2) I believe, and have confirmed that cassia is the root and not the leaf

    I especially appreciate the prayer component you describe. Thanks again.

  4. Roger Christie
    on Mar 30th, 2018
    @ 11:51 pm


    Hi there, aloha. I rarely visit this site lately. Please contact me on Facebook at Roger Christie, or email me at or text or call me if need be at 808 464-3966.

    All the very best to you,



  5. Andrew Tummonds
    on Jun 13th, 2018
    @ 5:22 am

    I’m curious how you discovered this recipe I heard calumus might have been used also. I guess more herbs than two. I mean I’m not doubting this works but there extreme effects from this sacremental and I just have a feeling more herbs were used. Then again I may be wrong please help me clear up any confusion✌️

  6. Sandra
    on Aug 25th, 2018
    @ 3:13 pm

    Can I use hemp oil instead of the cannabis oil. Not easy to obtain bud as it is still illegal in NY

  7. K
    on Apr 5th, 2019
    @ 1:12 pm

    It is remarkable that people do seek out what “kaneh bosm” means and find it indicates Cannabis, but at the same time nobody seems to notice that “Cassia” was NOT used as a word for the Cinnamon variety that is nowadays sold under the name Cassia in the USA. It also doesn’t really make any sense to use both true Cinnamomum Verum as well as Cinnamomum Cassia. It makes a lot more sense that the word “Cassia” did NOT mean the Cinnamon subspecies called Cassia, but rather that it indicates something entirely different. Personally I think it refers to “Cacia” aka “Acacia”, widely used in cosmetics and oils, and traded in ancient times by the very same merchants that supplied Cinnamon to the Levant. Nowadays the Acacia resin is still widely used and known as “Gum Arabic”, but I think they may have meant the bark of the Acacia tree, which is known for its relatively high content of DMT. This would make the anointing oil very psychoactive indeed.

  8. Roger Christie
    on Feb 12th, 2020
    @ 8:25 am


    Aloha. I’m seeing this page for the first time in about two years. I apologize for not answering the sincere questions and comments.

    For Chris who wrote back in 2017: Yes, there are some sources now (it’s Feb. 11, 2020 as I write this) of pre-made HAO. It’s rare, but I have heard of some. Please check the ingredients first, however as most of the choices I’ve seen online are NOT what I consider to be the real holy anointing oil made with the specific ingredients of Exodus 30:23. Can you use a CBD paste to make the HAO? Sure, but as far as I know (I can’t be a know it all on this) it won’t be and can’t be like the original, but it might be great, regardless. Let us know how it turns out. Thanks.

    I wrote the article about eight years ago and would make a few changes as I look back on it.
    First is that I certainly wasn’t THERE back in the days of Moses and I don’t know what exactly authentic holy anointing oil is, how it was used, or how and why it was made.
    Second, my version of the HAO recipe is an educated guess based on the written ingredients from a few different sources and translations of the Bible. I’m consistent and particular in choosing the ingredients; no substitutions allowed. Where it says olive oil it only gets olive oil, etc. I believe Cannabis and essential oils are powerful healing agents and can be mixed in a wide variety of ways to make many amazing and life enhancing blends, but I believe there is only one holy anointing oil of Exodus 30:23.

    I believe the comment from Jennifer about cinnamon leaf and cassia is correct. Thanks Jennifer for noticing and for correcting me and the record. PS. I use fresh Cannabis rather than dried; it seems a lot better.

    Hi there Justin Levi Thompson, thanks for your positive comments! You wrote a few years ago, but I’ll dial your number tomorrow and see if we can connect.

    Hi Andrew, aloha. Yes, calamus is mention instead of Cannabis in many versions of the Bible. I love calamus root powder, but in my experience it’s far from he goodness available in Cannabis. Was holy anointing oil originally made with calamus and not Cannabis? I don’t know for certain. I want it to have been made with Cannabis because that fits with my life purpose and mission, but I can’t honestly say that I know for sure. True them, both and see.

    I originally discovered the (mind blowing!) recipe from the research and writings of Chris Bennett of Canada back in 2004, I think. Full respect to Chris! Super star.

    Sandra. Aloha. Yes, you can certainly try using hemp oil for the recipe. It might be terrific, and I hope it is – but I wouldn’t call it THE holy anointing oil; it’s another version of holy anointing oil.

    In answer to K back on April 5, 2019. Aloha. I’m sticking with the specific ingredients of Exodus 30:23’s sacred recipe. One reason is that with the recipe mentioned above we have3 been able to help to completely heal severe gangrene in four out of four patients, all of them avoiding amputations! Gangrene is commonly known as incurable, but the holy anointing oil I made cured it fast and thoroughly; a real medical miracle! PS. I’m a first person eye witness to three of the four cases.

    Messiah translates to the anointed
    Christ translates to the anointed
    Mahdi translates to the anointed
    Christian translates to an anointed one
    Je/sus Christ translates to I am anointed
    Anti-Christ translates to against anointing
    Return of Messiah, Christ and Mahdi translates to return of the anointed.

    “We believe anointing to be a literal thing.
    Anoint your crown with holy oil and hear the angels sing!”

    I think anointing is an effective way to get cannabinoids and other healing ingredients into the crown chakra through the skin as a topical sacrament. I believe that anointing is WAY older than the Bible, and that THE holy anointing oil is super special. As far as I know it’s to help make the receiver happier, healthier and more holy.

    May unexpected blessings keep coming to you … and from you!

    With brotherly love,


    Hilo, Hawai’i
    808 464-3966


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