I Need Your Testimony for SCR75/SR42


Dear family, friends, THC Ministry members, lovers of freedom and all supporters of our Constitutional Rights,

Aloha. ‘Heads-up’ out there! Like Paul Revere alerting the colonists that “the British are coming!”, this is a ‘wake-up call’ to YOU. If you would please be so kind, it’s ‘time to rise’ and help to write a testimony to the Hawai’i State Senate Judiciary Committee that you STRONGLY SUPPORT  SCR75/SR42 “urging the federal government to release Roger Christie pending trial”.

The deadline for all testimony to be received by the Committee is this Tuesday at 11 a.m. PLEASE get yours in early and make it count for the hearing on Wednesday at 11 a.m. This is an historic opportunity we invite you to be part of.

The wrongful denial of reasonable bail for me until our trial has kept me incarcerated in federal prison for 33+ months now, falsely labeled a “danger to the community”. The many judges decisions and multiple court rulings would be laughable because they are so false and wrong, but they are deadly serious and we need to correct their gross errors and ‘poor judgment’. It’s up to “we the people” to take action now.

Where are the blessings in THIS situation? For one, the multiple federal judges similar errors gives us a great opportunity for mana-building activism and standing-up for our unalienable Rights, including the basic Constitutional Right to reasonable bail pending trial. Remember, MY rights are YOUR rights, and those of your family, friends and neighbors. This is an exercise in practicing the Golden Rule and loving your neighbor as yourself. If we want our children to inherit Constitutional Rights, we need to refresh them from time to time. THIS is one of those times. Our confidence in their judgement, the fairness of the federal government justice system and their fraudulent war on marijuana is going down fast. Something new and healthy is being born.

YOU be the Judge. The 8th Amendment to the Bill of Rights says:

“Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.”

THAT’s the Constitutional Right that’s being abused by multiple federal Judges, by the federal appeals Court, and by our prosecutor and it’s the focus of this specific committee action.

Mick Jagger said it well … “Stand for something, or fall for anything.”

I have a clean criminal record. This is a first-time marijuana case with zero victims in a state with legal medical marijuana, and in the only county in the nation with specific rules for the police for religious use of marijuana, and a law that I initiated that was passed by a majority of Hawai’i County voters in 2008. That law makes Cannabis the ‘lowest law enforcement priority’ and takes away federal funding to the local police for marijuana eradication operations. Maybe that got their attention?

The prohibition of ‘marijuana’ is a blatant FRAUD perpetrated upon the citizens of the U.S.A. for way too long. Just one month ago our Judge Kobayashi refused to dismiss our charges by supporting the false idea that marijuana has “no recognized medical use in the U.S.A.” You can be the judge of that twisted logic. Prohibition is a form of genocide, the systematic destruction or replacement of one population by another. Look it up. Marijuana prohibition = meth epidemic. Poor locals out – rich newcomers in. Locals incarcerated, their children adopted out to new families, homeless in Honolulu by the thousands while TRUMP TOWER and other multi-million dollar condo$ sell out in 24 hours on the market.

Please frame your testimony in a powerfully respectful, good mannered and positive way. We’re making recorded history on-the-record here. A new day is dawning. “We the people” are the team that still believes in the Constitution and the Rights that it guarantees. Each Judge, Committee member and all elected officials have sworn a sacred oath to support and defend these Rights. Simple as that.

So far zero courts have allowed me to tell them that I have a unique license from the State of Hawai’i specifically to marry people with “Cannabis sacrament”. The very things I/we have been charged with I was legally allowed to do; grow, possess and distribute Cannabis!

So far, all the Judges have blocked me from going on-the-record and telling them that:

1. Former U.S. Attorney for Hawai’i Ed Kubo told me – twice – in 2001 and 2004 that the THC Ministry “was good with him” and I could continue to operate it. I had a table full of THC Ministry information for him and many other federal agents in a private dining room at Oodles of Noodles Restaurant in Kona. I made a custom, real Cannabis leaf THC Ministry card to introduce myself and to state my intention CLEARLY to the new federal Prosecutor. I handed this card directly to Mr. Ed Kubo. He was kind, courteous and respectful to me both times we met. “We’re good,” he told me.

2. Hilo’s D.E.A. Agent Jesse Forney told me on the phone when I called him in 2004 that he knew me and he knew the THC Ministry and that “we’re good”, he told me.

3. Federal Judge Susan Oki Mollway told me in a “sealed hearing” in 2004 in the case of U.S. v. Barnes that she knew all about the THC Ministry and that I ‘should go back to Hilo and continue with the THC Ministry’.

4. Alvin Onaka, Administrator of the Department of Health who signed my license to marry people as a “Cannabis sacrament” Minister said on-the-record in U.S. v. Barnes that my license ‘was legitimate, it’s good for life and he knew what he was signing’.

5. Five H.P.D. Vice Squad Officers visited me in the THC Ministry office in the Moses Building in Hilo in 2005 and told me that they knew I ‘was distributing marijuana to my Ministry members and that I was allowed to do it because of my license’. “Just keep it private.” They were friendly, professional, courteous and respectful. “All good.”

6. Gov. Abercrombie wrote to the Administrator of the D.E.A. on Feb. 10, 2012 and told her that Hawai’i medical marijuana patients need a “secure and consistent source of the drug to supply legitimate patients”. That’s what we tried to be as ‘good Samaritans’ of Cannabis where there are zero dispensaries. The Governor wrote that “it is clear that the long-standing classification of medical use of Cannabis in the United States as an illegal Schedule 1 substance is fundamentally wrong and should be changed.” Thank you, Governor. By the way, you told the people of Puna as you campaigned for Governor that you ‘wanted to take the crime out of Cannabis’. What happened to that campaign promise?

7. I wasn’t such a “danger to my community” after listening to 17,000 phone calls for two years when they raided us in March of 2010. There was zero arrest! The search warrant clearly said that we “were arguably a legitimate Ministry with legitimate Ministry activities”. If I was ‘a danger’ they would have arrested me on the spot.

Etc., etc., etc. There are MANY MORE instances of government officials and agents specifically telling me that the THC Ministry was legitimate and “good with them”. You get the idea.

This is a great opportunity for all of us to rise-up and stand-tall for the truths that are supposed to be self-evident, that we are “endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable Rights. That to secure these rights Governments are instituted deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed” as it clearly says in the Declaration of Independence. Mahalo.

With much love and respect,

Roger Christie

THC Ministry



The Judicial Committee of the Hawaii State Senate is voting on resolutions SCR75 and SR42 “Urging the Federal Government to

Release Roger Christie on Bail Pending Trial.” The resolutions are the same but SCR 75 is to be concurrent with the House members.

Click to email support for SR42
Click to email support for SCR75

This opens Hawaii Legislature website with Resolution number at top and to the right is a “submit testimony” button. Click on button.

A form opens for you to fill out and attach your testimony. It must be received by the committee by 11 am Tuesday, April 9.

If you can, please also email and call office of Senators and ask their staff to relay your support for the resolutions.

If you live on the Big Island, the toll free number is 974-4000, after message dial in last 5 digits of Senator’s number and #.

Senators on Judiciary Committee:

  • Clayton Hee, (chair) phone 808-586-6250 E-Mail: senhee@capitol.hawaii.gov Fax 808-586-7334
  • Maile Shimabukuro (vice chair) 808-586-7793 E-Mail:senshimabukuro@capitol.hawaii.gov Fax 808-586-7797
  • Les Ihara phone 808-586-6251 E-Mail: senihara@capitol.hawaii.gov Fax 808-586-6251
  • Sam Slom phone 808-5868426 E-Mail: senslom@capitol.hawaii.gov Fax 808-586-8426
  • Mike Gabbard phone 808-586-6830 E-Mail: sengabbard@capitol.hawaii.gov Fax 808-586-667


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