Is Roger Christie a danger to society?

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A Honolulu police officer has been arrested by the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) for promotion and distribution of marijuana. Let’s try to look at this objectively:

The law says MJ is bad for public health and is therefore illegal. The officer of the law has broken the law. ?Does the officer use the mj? If not he is promoting a substance he believes to be harmful to himself and dangerous to public health and safety.

Back in Jersey, that’s called a scoundrel. If yes, he does use the illegal mj, but for reasons unknown at this time, chooses to hide behind the badge of public trust as an officer of the law, and heinously, hypocritically remains involved in the arrest and prosecution of persons who do exactly as he does. And, it must be asked for how long has he, perhaps a fine officer for over a decade, been ingesting mj for medical or personal reasons?

Will this officer be held by the same DEA without bail for twenty months, as is being done today to Roger Christie, for being a danger to society? Christie, it should be remembered, has not hidden his use of mj as a sacrament and medicinal herb as well as a personal elixir. He hid nothing and assisted those in need. And, he was operating his THC Ministry well within the parameters of Hawai’i State Law. So, we have a precedent as we watch the administration of equal Justice before the Federal Law which contradicts and overwhelms the Laws of the People of Hawaii.

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