Legalizing is the Answer

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Hello out there,

Aloha to thee. The Prez “honestly” believes that legalizing is not the answer. Does anyone believe him anymore? When I read or hear him say “honestly” I immediately go into a ‘heads-up’ defensive mode and feel that he’s clearly going to be lying. Sad, but true. Where’s the public LIE DETECTOR measuring this guy for “we the people”? [ Please look for a new-generation, high-tech lie detector for sale that can be used to measure voices on TV and radio. I want the THC Ministry to have one asap. Mahalo. ]

Now for the subtle, but troubling message from the White House that the federal government is planning to describe use of Cannabis as a “brain disease” worthy of (mandatory?) pharmaceutical treatment. :-O PAY ATTENTION to this.

God, that’s great! Please show us the blessings in THIS situation … and hurry! We are safe, we are loved and all is well. (OK, some things need a little work!)

It seems like the Prez and his evil crew are planning a twisted and devious strategy for Cannabis users. Please pay attention to all the clues of what’s being planned and send them to me as you find them, and collect them on our THC Ministry website under a new category (thanks Mike). The websites for associations of clinical psychologists might already have clues available. Mahalo.

We also need to collect and become experts at the healthy brain aspects of using Cannabis; NEUROGENETIC – brain cell building, and NEUROPROTECTANT – brain cell protecting. Dr. Bob Melamede has some of this research already and will likely become more of an expert as time goes on. Please also collect evidence of the healthy brain aspects of using calamus root powder.

This news makes it all the more important for us to WIN the personal spiritual / religious use of Cannabis sacrament. And so it is and – God/dess willing – so it shall be.

All the best to everyone,


—–R, Jeri on 5/8/2013 2:21 PM wrote:


“I ve been asked, and I honestly do not believe that legalizing drugs is the answer,” the president told a large gathering of young Mexicans at the city s Anthropology Museum.

Polls show that more and more Americans favor ending the federal ban on pot. A handful of states in the U.S. have lifted legal restrictions on the drug in recent years including Colorado and Washington putting Obama in an awkward place. A pot smoker in his younger days, he must decide whether to instruct his Department of Justice to challenge those state laws, or to simply let them be.

The president likely felt it necessary to touch on drugs in his speech today since marijuana is a chief import from Mexico to the United States. It is also largely to blame for the rising swell of cartel violence that has killed thousands in Mexico over the years, and has occasionally spilled over into the southern U.S.

Obama said that his administration must focus on an all-encompassing strategy to deal with drug users at home, as well as figure out a way to reduce demand for drugs.

“We understand that much of the root cause of violence that s been happening here in Mexico, for which many so Mexicans have suffered, is the demand for illegal drugs in the United States. And so we ve got to continue to make progress on that front.”

He added that fixing the problem will require “a comprehensive approach not just law enforcement, but education and prevention and treatment.”

Those words reflect the latest plan put forth by Obama s Office of National Drug Control Policy, which essentially considers recreational drug use to be a public health issue. Rather than advocating for reforming drug users through jails and prisons, the plan calls for blending strong prevention techniques with effective rehabilitation programs in order to curb future drug use.

The Obama administration s strategy, though, is somewhat controversial since it technically defines regular pot users as people with brain diseases addiction, the administration says, is a brain disease. Scores of marijuana defenders, however, say that there is no proof that the drug is addictive.

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