Let Our People Go

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it is time to grow up america
you are a prisoner of your own self

from the arawaks to the mexicans
from the jew to the muslim
from the brave to the weak

wake up and smell the cancer
burning in your heart————-

we can hear it, we can learn from it
people, why do we proceed to ignore it?

it has been accepted that there will
never be equality

let there be humanity….

stop splitting the spirit
of our brilliant youth

stop starving the thoughts
to end this recession
of our soul…

wake up
you priests, you rabbis
you artists you teachers
you prisoners

wake up
you parents you youth you lovers

wake up

to the revolutionary freedom
inside each and everyone of you

wake up
you police

wake up
you senators

you tell us what is the law
you arrest the development
of our community

wake up
you president

and speek the speech, i pray you………..

23,000,000 individual
homo sapiens
in prison
in these united states of america:
this is the pornography of our time
in the federal, state,county,city,town,self.

this is the rape of all time

let our people go…………………………………

44,000,000 individual
homo sapiens
in poverty
in these united states of america:
this is the living holocaust of our time
in the federal,state,county,city,town,self

this is the genocide of all time

let our people go

lee michael walczuk

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2 Responses to “Let Our People Go”

  1. spence.deborah87
    on Sep 27th, 2010
    @ 9:18 pm

    Thank you for the poem. All ‘speeches’ from the heart should be in poetry form.
    I just got a letter from Rev. Roger and he wants me to contact Paul Stanford and get his proposed legislation for Oregon – rewrite for Hawaii and submit before Nov. 2.
    So, I went to http://www.hemp.org and left message for him to contact me.
    I hope I can do what Rev. Roger wants me to do.
    St. Jo B’

  2. missmemamoses
    on Sep 28th, 2010
    @ 3:33 am

    Should We Grow Hemp To Save Our Economy OR To Save Our Souls ?

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