Message from Roger Christie


Saturday September 18, 2010

Hello THC Ministry members, friends and welcomed guests,

Greetings of aloha to you!  I hope this finds you in the best of spirits, or helps to put you there.

Happy autumn equinox, one of the two perfectly balanced times of the year with equal day and night.  And it just so happens to be the 10th Anniversary of the THC Ministry.  September 20, 2000 – September 20, 2010!

I’m doing well, probably even better than can be expected.  Thanks for asking.  Although I’m temporarily incarcerated and held without bail by the U.S. government for practicing our religion, my blessings far exceed my bummers.  The treatment here is ‘humane’ and often surprisingly respectful.  There is aloha to be found and to be shared inside and outside of prison bars.  And yes, I want to be released as soon as possible, too!  I’m still a happy and grateful guy with love in my heart and meaningful work to do on this beautiful, troubled and promising planet Earth.  And I’m learning a few important lessons.

One of my biggest blessings is that I have the love and support of a terrific woman, Share St. Cyr, who’s in Hilo keeping our home going smoothly while she’s also a defendant in our case of the “Green Fourteen”.  Please take a moment and say “a prayer for Share” as she’s much busier now than I am, keeping both of our lives together.  And give her a hug if you get the chance!

I’d also like to request a prayer for the other twelve defendants.  Some of you know them, most of you don’t, but they are all good-hearted, well-meaning people who deserve to win the charges against them and be free.  Mahalo.

I think my hubris led to my nemesis; my pride led to my temporary downfall.  The Greeks knew the lesson well and I needed to re-learn it.  God, that’s great.  To the best of my ability I take 100% responsibility for my life.  There is no one to blame.  I must, and do, look in the mirror to pose my most important questions, and to find my most important answers.  And so it is.

I’m one of the luckiest inmates I can imagine, with thousands of supporters online (mahalo to each of you) and a few key friends and helpers working behind the scenes (you know who you are).  We also have one of the best legal cases I know of to advance the cause of religious freedom for Cannabis spirituality in the one country in the world that was founded on religious freedom.  “In God we trust.”  Amen.  Thanks to everyone who has sent mail to me, and/or made a donation to our cause.  We will continue to work and fight passionately for Cannabis liberty until our goals are fully met.

Just as there was a ‘last witch trial’ hundreds of years ago, so too, there will be a ‘last marijuana trial’, and I/we intend, pray and volunteer to be it.  Imagine!  The l-a-s-t one ever.  When the pendelum of persecution goes too far, balance will naturally become restored.  We all know that this is the time for prohibition to end and Cannabis liberty to flower in all its glory.


Medical use of Cannabis is expanding at a fast rate with studies proving cancer prevention, tumor reduction, pain relief, cell regeneration and much more available to be referenced online by any computer.  The US government has had a patent since 2007 for a process to make marijuana into medicine at the same time they deny that it has any medical value.  How long can that hypocracy last?  Even the Veterans Administration now officially recognizes marijuana medicine in states that legally allow it!  That’s a very big and significant shift in policy as some of the Cannabis cats just got out of the government’s bag.  Rescheduling, or re-classifying marijuana as medicine by the federal government is fast approaching as science and public demand overcome false old myths and self-serving propaganda.

Developments like this cheer me up!  Even with little fresh food, zero fresh air, zero sunshine and being locked in a federal detention center, I’m full of positivity and gratitude.  The history of spiritual use of Cannabis is easy to find on < > and many other websites, including our own < >.

Formerly prohibited spiritual sacraments have been legally allowed in US courts, one by one, through the long, hard and courageous work of many well-deserving proponents. Cannabis is next!  In our opinion, since Cannabis clearly has recognized medical value it certainly MUST have the Constitutional protection of a First Amendment sacramental practice because of its long esteemed history, even in nations without our guarantee of religious freedom.  But it must be won.  Our case gets to prove this point for the first time in US history.  God, that’s great!  It makes this inconvenience and stress worth it for me, and hopefully for you.

Running the THC Ministry from the oceanfront at the Moses Building in Hilo for the last six years has been a joy and an honor for me.  Now we have the opportunity to take our mission and our methods into a federal court of the world’s superpower to obtain long sought after legitimacy.  It’s an honor and a timely blessing to do so.  We hope to say, “Holy Moses, we WON!”

I would also like to extend my sincere apology to any of you who I have disappointed or let-down over these last ten years.  My strengths and my weaknesses have been revealed to me, and possibly to you, during this time.  I intended to return every phone call, email and cry for help.  If I failed you in any way, please forgive me.  I did the best I could at the time.

What can you do to help?  Thanks for asking!  Get educated about our case.  Bless this situation and look for the good within it.  Make a cash donation on the website, < >, buy a t-shirt, or two.  Support the Cannabis Charity and Education Defense Fund.  Send me a letter telling me what the THC Ministry has meant to you over these last ten years.  Volunteer to be a witness at our trial.  Write a letter of support “To Whom it May Concern” addressed to my Public Defender in Honolulu for my next Motion for release on bail.  Register and vote in your area; it’s a precious right that makes a difference.  Have a photo taken of you wearing one of our t-shirts and send it to us.  Lastly; intend and pray for a real miracle to end this indictment in victory with certainty and positivity – before trial.  The once and future ‘tree of life’, the sacrament of the peace culture, can use your help.  Mahalo.

God, that’s great!  Please show us the blessings in this situation … and hurry!  We are safe, we are loved and all is well.

All the very best to you and yours!

With much love, gratitude and respect,

Roger Christie, Founder
THC Ministry



18 Responses to “Message from Roger Christie”

  1. spence.deborah87
    on Sep 21st, 2010
    @ 6:36 pm

    I sent Roger a copy of the H T-H Voters Guide to show him my Answers (on my web site).
    He wrote me a very supportive letter about my candidacy for Lt. Gov.
    I will be writing an open letter to his Public Defender to ask him to explain –
    St. Jo B’

  2. Merrie
    on Sep 22nd, 2010
    @ 3:04 am

    Sending Love to you Roger Hang in there MA to the rescue. Aloha Chrissie

  3. Rev. Roger Christie
    on Mar 5th, 2016
    @ 11:37 pm


    Hi Chrissie,

    Aloha. I’m just seeing this website as ADMIN for the first time today! All these old and sincere posts; I’m so sorry it’s taken me this long to get into this. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.

    Our case is on appeal in San Francisco right now; expecting a decision any time from now til later this year. The range between winning it and losing is vast and wide. Who knows? tick-tock … :-O

    P.S. I try and post on facebook (Roger Christie) daily with links, news and archives. Check it out if you’re interested.

    All the best to you!


  4. goran
    on Sep 23rd, 2010
    @ 5:53 am

    good luck dude… looks promising for the ministry and every one involved. the best of autumns to you!!

  5. ray_christl_thc_ministry_asia
    on Sep 26th, 2010
    @ 10:25 am

    My THC Ministry Cambodia has added the MEDICAL slogan to our name…so THC MEDICAL MINISTRY Cambodia is our new name…protect yourself.

  6. beazelbud
    on Sep 27th, 2010
    @ 5:35 am

    I know kinda how you feel cause I was busted for running the ccc in longview, WA. back in 04-06. mine was a state case and because I’m not a Disenfranchised fool, the punishment was a big slap on the ass. man I pray for you dealing with the big boys, good luck to you and I’d give you all my luck for life if it would help. have your helper email me back if you need $$$. If we all stuck together like a insurance co. we would never go down. like the big kuhuna jack herer said “let our people grow”

  7. missmemamoses
    on Sep 28th, 2010
    @ 3:39 am

    Rogers’ motto was to find the good in all situations.
    AND I hope we are finding each others good.

  8. projectpeace
    on Sep 29th, 2010
    @ 8:06 pm

    …courageous, visionary, humble, sincere, empowered through a consciously chosen spiritual relationship… Governor Lingle has a choice to make, to defend the Constitutions of her state and country, or be held accountable when the truth finally surfaces about how right and righteous Roger truly is.

  9. projectpeace
    on Sep 29th, 2010
    @ 8:10 pm

    I sent Roger a copy of the “Citizens Rule Book,” published by Whitten Printers, containing the Bill of Rights and the Constitution (first intact, & then with staples removed), and it was returned to me by the prison censor, twice.

  10. Jake
    on Oct 4th, 2010
    @ 3:02 am

    Aloha and Namaste Roger-

    Your positive attitude and responsible positions are something I have admired since meeting you! I have been wishing you well in my heart and am sorry the powers that be are so dislocated in their values. You fight the good fight, and that might even rub off on me. I wish I could be of more help – but you have so many friends and supporters. I am still kinda poor up here in Volcano, but enjoying it and the magnificent natural wonders of the Big Isle. Hang in there, and know you are loved by many,


  11. rev b baker
    on Oct 6th, 2010
    @ 4:11 am

    You will always be an inspiration and a saint, dont fear the fuzz or the CSA, walk strong proud and true, their laws arent the Almighty’s laws, may the Almighty deliver you and us all to Salvation on earth by legalizing the Holy healing sacrament…..

    peace praise and blessings of health, freedom, and highest vibration through burnt offerings of the Holy healing sacramental greenfaith!,
    from us all at greenfaith ministry

    PS they should only wish every accused person acted half as responsible and presentable as you brother!

  12. Paul J. von Hartmann
    on Oct 14th, 2010
    @ 3:26 pm

    Right-On Reverend! — You’re even more right than you know…

    Cannabis isn’t illegal, it’s essential.

    Drugs don’t make seeds, herbs do.

    Freedom to farm “Every herb bearing seed” “every green herb” “every plant that bears fruit with seed in it” are the first three tests of religious freedom!

    Monoterpenes from Cannabis agriculture are the sun screen for the planet!
    Hemp seed is nutritionally unique and essential!
    Hemp is the only crop that produces a complete food and sustainable biofuels from the same harvest!

    Beyond the rightful jurisdiction of any court, Cannabis is critical to mankind’s sustainable existence on this planet, and we’d better start planting it everywhere soon, because
    Time is the limiting factor in the equation of survival.

  13. MoonStar
    on Oct 18th, 2010
    @ 8:19 pm

    You have the right t a speedy trail!
    Don’t hold out to be the LAST marijuana trial, dear one,
    “they ” might keep putting it off…
    fresh food, sunlight and love await you out here.
    I like the idea of NO TRAIL and FULL RELEASE a lot better!
    Lets pray for that one.

  14. Carol Barber
    on Apr 13th, 2011
    @ 1:41 am

    “God, this is great! Continue to show the great blessings in this situation. Admitt your guilt, Island Daddy. The truth will set you free. Hahahaha”

  15. Benjammin
    on Sep 27th, 2011
    @ 4:41 am

    Aloha, Roger
    So glad you are holding up under the strain of incarceration.
    You really are a bright spirit in this crazy world.
    Hang in there and state your case for your people everywhere.

  16. bas
    on Oct 26th, 2011
    @ 12:15 am

    Anyone and everyone that knows or frequents a medical dispensery in their state! URGE THEM TO BECOME A CHURCH, LETS UNITE THE NATION!

  17. "C"
    on May 26th, 2015
    @ 10:23 pm

    From riches to rags….from condo to half way house where your followers were from……’s it feel my island dad, Roger Christie? i can’t gloat over your fall or i won’t receive my blessings of going from rags to riches, but i can say “god is good!”

  18. Rev. Roger Christie
    on Mar 5th, 2016
    @ 11:12 pm


    Hey there C,

    Aloha to thee. Who are you, anyway? :-O Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply to your post of last flipping year, but I’m just learning to use this ADMIN. board now. Hopefully this reply gets to you.

    Our case (at least for my wife Share and me) is now on appeal in San Francisco at the Ninth Circuit Court; decision expected any time from now til later this year. Who knows?

    We were arguably and provably LEGAL all the ten years I operated the THC Ministry, but the spanking began after I designed and we passed a county law ending DEA grants to the local cops for their helicopter eradication (stealing massive amounts of buds annually), AND I made the Chief of Police Laurence Mahuna retire with a complaint I made against him at the Police Commission for violating his oath of office.

    We’re on our farm near Pahoa now waiting on the appeal. We could get my condo and life savings back, plus immunity for the THC Ministry, plus God-only-knows-what … or we could lose. Time will tell … tick-tock.

    I try and post on facebook daily and you can see a lot of my archives there if you’re into it.

    I’m happy to hear that you’ve gone from rags to riches and would like to know more of your successes.

    All the best to you,


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