“Ministry Motivated”

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@@@ To Jeff Davis, host of KGU 760 talk radio in Honolulu. Also available on YouTube.

Hey Jeff,

Aloha. Anyone who knows me – AND WAS THERE TO WITNESS IT – knows that I was ‘Ministry motivated’ rather than ‘money motivated’. After 10 years of operating the THC Ministry I had a grand total of $24,000. to my name. I’m 63 years old; that’s much LESS of a ‘nest-egg’ than most of my peers. I have a paid-off condo in Hilo that my Mom bought so that I could be her care-giver, a great mountain bike and a used Toyota van.

As a seven year member I learned from Pastor Jim Kimmel of Maui, the Founder of the Religion of Jesus Church who hosted Sunday worship services and then provided some sacrament afterwards for a donation. If a member was low on cash they were given a little sacrament. Simple as that. Pastor Jim also officiated a few weddings each week to add to his income.

There are many ways a Ministry or church can be funded and we funded ours in a fair and responsible way … “suggested donations”. It worked well, especially considering that we were operating under circumstances of EXTREME PROHIBITION. Everyone left the building with a smile. :-p It seemed more fair than asking for 10% of our member’s income, or passing a collection bowl making our low-budget members feel uncomfortable. I wanted to operate “in the black” and pay our bills with a small cushion of cash to keep going. We did just that.

We have 17,000 phone calls as evidence in our case and the vast majority are asking if we have “aloha bags” that day! :-p They’re free bags of ‘shake’ leaves, or buds for sick people. We also gave away holy anointing oil, Cannabis tincture, toasted organic hempseeds, calamus root powder and DVD’s to educate our members on spiritual subjects. Every visitor got free sacrament at Ministry services or counseling visits. Our stated goal was that everyone who left the building was smiling! We have zero outstanding complaints from any of our members that I know of.

About half of our members and ‘medical marijuana’ patients arrived each day with zero money to donate – and a need for sacrament or medicine. What to do? Remember, this is a ‘street Ministry’ in downtown Hilo, a financially-depressed area of mostly low-budget people. Please judge us by our works, by the testimony of our members, rather than by rumors and gossip of people who were never there.

A “religious defense to prosecution” is based on two factors; sincerity and legitimacy. Was I and am I “sincere”? My sincerity and morality helped to get me an extremely rare Honorable Discharge as a “conscientious objector” during the Vietnam war. My sincerity and morality is getting me through this challenge, too.

My ‘legitimacy” is based on my ordainment with the Religion of Jesus Church – and with the Oklevueha Native American Church – and my unique license from the State of Hawaii to marry people specifically as a “Cannabis sacrament” Minister. My legitimacy is solid and provable and it’s good for life. I’m a legal “Practitioner”, licensed in my jurisdiction to adMinister the controlled substance ‘marijuana’ in the course of my professional practice. I did just that. The feds are now challenging my state immunity from prosecution. God, that’s great!

My Constitutional Right to ‘reasonable bail’ has been denied – repeatedly. It points out the “poor judgment” of my prosecutor, multiple federal judges in this city, and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. I’m apparently a legal and spiritual lightening-rod of some kind; grateful to serve “we the people” to help clean-up some of the mess of our government, and to end the war on marijuana. We want to be “The Last Marijuana Trial” dot com.

Remember, the law against ‘marijuana’ is a FRAUD. The very word ‘marijuana’ is a false-flag, racist word designed to fool most people away from the historically proven goodness, utility and value of Cannabis hemp. Our Judge recently denied our Motion to Dismiss essentially maintaining that ‘marijuana’ is properly classified as “Schedule 1” – a MOST dangerous substance with “no recognized medical use in treatment in the USA”. This is while she lives in Hawai’i which has had legal ‘medical marijuana’ for 13 years! She ruled that marijuana is MORE DANGEROUS than ‘meth’! How about them apples?

We did NOT provide “immunity from prosecution” for our members, however we DID provide a “defense to prosecution”. We have a proven track record of success with our membership cards, plant-tags and Sanctuary signs in many different states and a few foreign countries, too. We have over one hundred cases of testimonials reported to us with our members avoiding arrest and prosecution by simply having good manners, telling the truth and showing their THC Ministry I.D. card to an arresting officer. See our website Forum for details. There’s nothing like it anywhere on Earth. I provided the “legitimacy”, but our members had to provide the “sincerity”. My license number 00-313 was loaned to ALL of our members so the ultimate responsibility in every case came back directly to me.


1. The U.S. Attorney for Hawai’i Ed Kubo told me in 2001 and 2004 that operating the THC Ministry was good with him.

2. Hilo D.E.A. Agent Jesse Forney told me in 2004 that he knew of me and knew the THC Ministry and “we’re all good”.

3. U.S. District Judge Susan Oki Mollway told me in court on-the-record in the case of U.S. v. Barnes in 2004 that she knew all about me and about the THC Ministry and she recommended that I go back to Hilo and continue with our Ministry.

4. Five Hawaii County Police Vice Agents visited me at the THC Ministry in 2005 and told me that because of my license that I could legally distribute ‘marijuana’ to our members. “Just keep it private.”

5. I met with Hawaii County Mayor Billy Kenoi and Assistant Prosecutor Mitch Roth and they told me that “we’re good”.

6. I communicated regularly with Downtown Hilo Community Police Officer William Derr. He told me that “we’re all good”.

7. I ran weekly ads for the THC Ministry on the Religion Page of the local newspaper.

I spoke annually on Community Forum radio shows with radio host Ken Hupt. I ran PSA’s on other radio stations.

I ran for Hawaii County Mayor twice.

I testified on the record at the Hawaii County Council opposing the marijuana eradication program every year since 1987.

I testified on the record at the Hawaii County Police Commission against the marijuana eradication program many times.

I organized or spoke at Cannabis hemp awareness events annually at U.H. Hilo, and in downtown Hilo.

I sued two Mayors and fourteen County Councilmembers for approving marijuana eradication funding without a mandatory program review.

I sued former Hawaii County Police Chief Wayne Carvalho for racketeering.

I brought former Police Chief Lawrence Mahuna up on ethics charges for violating his oath of office when he refused to obey our Lowest law Enforcement Priority of Cannabis Ordinance in 2008; he quit the police department 60 days later.

Etc., etc., etc. I stand on my proven record. Have a great show today.

All the best to you,



—–D, Jeff on 5/2/2013 1:36 AM wrote:


Regardless of the big picture the issue seems to coming down to your financial vs spiritual – humanitarian goals the point will b made that none of your rights have been trampled due to the way the court has acted the danger theory has legal merit based on the law accord to many again accord to todays law ie no personal vendetta against you just the law as it stands today the $ y am i not suprised seems to b the issue another point is basicaly telling others they would b immune to peosecution in simple terms portraying u as a capitalist not a reverand i ask then y the political activism y the hemp food the $ is the key i think how much and where did it go for what purpose i suggest strongly that your attorney listen to this show hes welcome to call in but im sure he wont do u have anyone else who could respond that u trust the call in # is 808-296-5467 this fellow contacted me and im open to all sides his blog is Avowedseekeroftruth brant kelsey he suggested i call shield today got an earfull from him to say brants point is that u r a victim of the law not the justice system and that any difference between u and a pot dealer r to small to measure the $ records his point will b that though the law is a crime in itself u r equal to tens of thousands of others in jail his point being u all deserve pity for this injustice but that u r no different his main point the civil right issue is in his words spurious thats as much as i can glean from talking with him if u want to call me in morn try 12 pm 554-7200 wow we go bra!!!!

ROGER CHRISTIE on 5/1/2013 7:37:15 PM wrote

Hello out there,

Aloha to thee. Enclosed for your review and comment is Paul von Hartmann’s latest wording attempt to get me/us to go to the court with this specific argument for rightful jurisdiction. What do you think of it?

All the best to you,


—–Von H, Paul on 5/1/2013 12:36 PM wrote:


Having an endocannabinoid system that requires the contents of Cannabis to function takes essential nutrition to another level. Our ability to nourish ourselves on fresh, fertile, unadulterated Cannabis should not depend on the court’s ability to understand or approve of the argument.

Cannabis is BEYOND THE RIGHTFUL JURISDICTION OF ANY COURT the verbiage is important, bro, don’t change a word of it, okay? I work hard to craft the argument in the most precise and complete way. “Rightful jurisdiction” is an important phrase, as opposed to “false jurisdiction” which is what we were born into! The court that’s judging you has ZERO objectivity, and that must be included in your defense/offense. I’ve got a phone call in to Tommy, asking him to call me. (I was verrrrry polite with his secretary.)

I’m going to ask him why he didn’t include EO 13603/”essential civilian demand” as part of your motiuon to dismiss, and how we can present it as a seperate motion most effectively before the June deadline. Any help you can give in getting Tommy to take this seriously (or show why not) will be well spent.

“Essential civilian demand” is your best bet for release before trial, as I see it, since it is the least conventional avenue of changing the value from “illegal” to “essential” at the federal level.

The UN Environment Programme report entitled “MERCURY: Time to Act 2013” (January 2013) substantiates the increasing solublity of mercury, though they admit that they don’t understand the mechanism for it. Other science backs up the increasing UV-B and its effect of increasing mercury and arsenic solubility, but the UN hasn’t figured that out yet, apparently. Mercury concentrations in whales and dolphins in the arctic are higher than can be accounted for without factoring in the increasing UV-B and the effect it’s having on Cetacean mercury levels.

It’s proof that you are on the leading edge of emergency preparedness in pioneering the shift in values that equates Cannabis agriculture with recovering the possibility of achieving sustainability.

I got to go, so please know I love you and see you smilin into the bright sunshine of our lovely future.


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One Response to ““Ministry Motivated””

  1. david P
    on Sep 9th, 2013
    @ 7:38 pm

    I too believe that cannabis is in the anointing oil. I believe God has guided me to the truth, and that truth is cannabis was the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the beginning, That Adam and Eve were blind like the rest of the animals and therefore innocent. But once they disobeyed God and ate of the tree of knowledge “they could see” and became like God and the angels! And their ability to see condemed their souls and they were no longer like the animals but recieved spiritual death! -Not physical death like so many think! I believe mans physical body was always going to die like the animals do, otherwise what is the reason for animals to die, they didn’t eat the forbidden fruit, and I find it hard to believe that God would curse the animals with physical death for our sin! I beleive that cannabis is the food of angels when they descended on the mountains, its resin was known in genesis 2:12 as bdellium! and it seed rained down from the mountain in Arabia to feed Moses and the Israeltes! I believe the Two witnesses will be anointed in this and also give oil to the seven churches, they will be dressed in hempcloth! the beast trys to destroy this plant to stop this happening! Instead big fuel, pharma and other rich powers and government chose to destroy the earth instead in preferrance to get richer, as well as exploit the poor, sick and lame! The people need this in the future to survive the nuclear hollicast that will come upon them shrounding the whole earth in darkness, as well as water supplies! But many will search for it but their will be none available when panic happens!
    Godd Bless,
    from Dave

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