Mossman Outrage


Am I spending too much time on Facebook? I must not be paying attention, because I KNOW I have been mysteriously transported to some parallel universe.

I’m having such a difficult time wrapping my brain around the justice system these days. Nothing is making sense to me anymore. Up is down, right is wrong, backward is forward, in is out and no really does mean yes.

Killers, rapists and thieves get job promotions and light sentences, but if you distribute and produce dried flowers from a plant that God gave to humans, then it’s the full force of the law for you, brah, including indefinite jail without bail-kine “staycations.”

Respect for law enforcement has plummeted to uncharted depths with the sentencing of Konrad Mossman. What message are we sending to our keiki on this one? Would it be that it’s always a good thing to be in on the “old boy network,” or is it that we can fib, fabricate and talk story our way out of anything by blaming it on the spouse?

Wait until the next morning when the alcohol has gone shi shi down the lua? Drive drunk, kill someone and get a job promotion? Get 90 days and request the cage with a view for the optional weekend stays? Does the “staycation” include deluxe continental breakfasts, too? Who pays the bills for this? You do!

And where is justice for the responsible young father, Tim Sing, who WALKED home after drinking instead of getting behind the wheel? His sentence is a fatherless daughter, and permanent “staycation” six feet under. Will she grow up to have any respect for the law? Can anyone process this and continue to believe there is even a particle of intelligent life on this rock? At what point do we, the people, leap off the recliner, turn off “American Idol” and walk like an Egyptian?

Victoria Latenser

Mountain View



2 Responses to “Mossman Outrage”

  1. Mama
    on Mar 5th, 2011
    @ 8:58 pm

    I understand the absolute outrage over the lack of justice in this case. That being said, people aren’t using their heads when they harp on fact that Mossman received a promotion. He does not work for a private company that can do whatever they feel like when it comes to these matters, and he had not been convicted of any crime at the time of promotion. There are rules for county jobs regarding promotions and terminations, and unfortunately a lot of red tape! Is this fair? No, not really, but that’s how it works. The fire dept cannot withhold a promotion to an otherwise qualified individual, pre-conviction. As far as the termination goes, I think people should wait and see . . . remember the red tape! It’s too soon to say Mossman will be allowed to keep his job! I suspect HFD will can him.

  2. mary
    on Apr 10th, 2011
    @ 1:09 pm

    May Divine Justice be with Roger and all those people he stands for.

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