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Aloha to thee. Great news! Our brand new U.S. Senator from Hawai’i Mazie Hirono was just assigned to sit on the Senate Judiciary Committee beginning the first of the new year 2013. That means she will have a say, an influence and a vote when Judiciary Chairman Patrick Leahy holds his stated hearings on the marijuana issue of fed v. states’ rights, etc. Sen. Leahy recently said he wants to change the federal marijuana laws now that states are legalizing it.

We need to get to Ms. Hirono and to her staff people immediately to help influence her decision-making abilities on this subject. We need to presume that she knows nothing and start from the beginning with her Cannabis hemp education. Let’s help make her well-informed so she can be proud to be from Hawai’i as she presents the latest, greatest information to the committee and to the nation. Let’s give her ideas to help make a new federal law on Cannabis hemp.

1.) What do YOU think a new federal law about ‘marijuana’ should be? Imagineer our beautiful future with Cannabis hemp freedom. Please tell me/us what you come up with.

2.) Please reply to me and confirm if you are going to help with this issue.

3.) Can one of you please provide me with her new snail mailing office address here in Honolulu? I want to write to her now. Mahalo.

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