Notes from Federal Detention – Jan 9, 2013

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Aloha. Former D.E.A. undercover agent and author of “The Infiltrator” Robert Mazur said on Coast to Coast am talk radio on January 7, 2013 that the White House, the Administration, the State Department and the Department of Justice consistently protect the largest drug cartel money launderers in favor of cracking-down on users and small dealers of marijuana and other drugs. He said that it’s become accepted policy to allow the largest drug dealers in the world and their bankster enablers to continue with business as usual and only pay a small percentage fine if they ever get caught, which they rarely do.

Virtually zero arrests of the largest money launderers, or their C.I.A. and Wall Street connected assets disturb the daily flow of mega-cash and drugs around the globe, most of it coming into the U.S.A. All this mega-crime and violence proceeds with the full knowledge and permission of the U.S. government, and with most of the U.S. media enabling all of the above.

President Obama is living proof – in his own words – that a young person can smoke a lot of ‘marijuana’ and still become President of the United States. It’s interesting that former President GW Bush reportedly used Cannabis and cocaine, and former President Clinton reportedly preferred to eat ‘marijuana’ brownies (didn’t like inhaling it) and used a lot of cocaine before becomming President. Apparently using Cannabis helps to become President of the United States. Knowing what we know about using Cannabis, it makes sense that many high-performing individuals have used it succesfully to advance their careers. Unfortunately they maintain a hypocritical stance on using Cannabis once elected and they each fail to advance the necessary dialog that literally billions of deserving people are in need of. We can only ask and wonder why.

Sadly, U.S. ‘drug czar’ Gil Kerlikowske continues to be a spokes-tool of the powers-that-be denying modern science, history, experience, reason and logic to continue the massive assault on human rights and personal liberty all over the world. May he and others in high positions of power be enlightened and redeemed today.

We continue to wonder if knowledge and evidence of the spiritual / religious use of Cannabis in the holy anointing oil of Moses and the christening oil of Jesus can help to correct the misperceptions of the Cannabis ‘tree of life’ with our judge, our jury and the local and national media. Public court hearings on multiple motions to dismiss all of our charges are to be held in the next 70 days. These hearings are based on:

  1. the miss-classification of marijuana as a Schedule 1 controlled substance with no accepted medical use,
  2. the vague religious use exception for marijuana by the Religious Freedom Restoration Act,
  3. the verbal approval – twice – of former U.S. Attorney Ed Kubo for The Hawai’i Cannabis THC Ministry to exist unmolested by the feds,
  4. my State of Hawaii license number 00-313 to marry people specifically as a ‘Cannabis sacrament’ Minister,
  5. Judge Susan Oki Mollway’s comments on-the-record in support of me in the federal case of U.S. v. Barnes, and
  6. the U.S. government’s motion to dismiss in my federal civil lawsuit in 2004,
  7. our right to present a religious defense to prosecution,
  8. a defense of necessity to counter the meth epidemic and serious illnesses suffered by people on the big island, and
  9. other factors and witnesses.

God, that’s great! Please show us the blessings in THIS situation … and hurry! We are safe, we are loved and all is well.

All the best to everyone,

Love, Roger

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