Obama CAN ‘change the scheduling for marijuana’

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I just saw Obama’s tv interview with Jake Tapper on CNN. Obama DID say that “marijuana should be treated as a PUBLIC HEALTH PROBLEM”; that’s a BIG change in the un-official ‘classification’! The inference is that it should NOT be treated as a CRIME. 😀

Obama then made the false statement that he ‘can’t change the Scheduling for marijuana’ when it’s clear that his Attorney General certainly CAN do that.

I like it that Pres. Obama says he doesn’t want big corporations getting in the marijuana business. I agree; let this opportunity go to the 99% of “we the people” instead of to the 1% corporations.

Jake Tapper didn’t mention the MOST IMPORTANT part of the official federal definition of Schedule 1 which is “no recognized medical use in treatment in the USA”. THAT would have moved the needle, in my opinion, but he didn’t even bring it up. Oh well … it was an exciting and frustrating interview and it can help in the discussion of the topic.

It’s interesting that there was zero mention of marijuana being allowed by federal law as LEGAL spiritual sacrament for Rastas. Maybe you or someone else can add that mention – and www.The-Last-Marijuana-Trial.com – to the blog roll on CNN’s website, or other sites that post this interview.

By the way, sentencing for Share and me was delayed AGAIN until April 28th. No one asked us or got our approval. Share’s lawyer sent her an email with the news yesterday. 1.) The delay gives Congress and the Prez more time to re-Schedule marijuana, or pass the Smarter Sentencing Act so that I get “time-served”, and 2.) it gives me the time I need to finish the draft of my book.

I’m sure grateful for all the news lately about making positive changes to drug laws and for drug prisoners, plus all the Colorado Cannabis news. Do you check [ www.TheCannabist.co ]? Supposedly a daily update from Colorado. Lots to be thankful for today. Thank you.

All the best to everyone!



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