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Hello friends,

Aloha to thee. “Interesting times”. I hope you’re doing as well as can be. Eating fresh, fertile high-potency Cannabis seeds and juicing raw, fresh leaves with carrots or beets, etc. daily. (Except for Share til we get free)

Would you please check wikipedia for “Operation Gladio”? And send to me. Mahalo. Alex Jones mentioned it last night on Coast to Coast. Jus wondering … You already know of Operation Mockingbird, right?

Thursday Jeff Davis is hosting his 5 p.m. talk radio show in Honolulu about my situation. He’s totally on-board now and communicating with Share a lot. He’s open to all positive ideas.

We want to know where ARE all of our federal Congress people? We wanted to believe in them as our new champions for freedom and liberty and Constitutional Rights! It’s sadly already too late for each of them to be “leaders” in medical marijuana, hemp, legalization, my situation, etc. [ Are they AWOL? Are they DESERTERS? ] :-O

Have I missed something? Am I mistaken? I apologize if I’m making false assumptions, but … this is very serious business. What are their positions on each of these important subjects?

They are each VERY VULNERABLE NOW as they are already talking of re-election! Re-election? They just swore the sacred oath of office a few short months ago ‘to support and defend the Constitution and the Bill of Rights against all enemies foreign and domestic’ for “we the people” and they have ZERO position statements, and ZERO return emails or phone calls.

Where ARE they? Are they really HIDING? What are they doing to support and defend my/our Right to reasonable bail guaranteed by the 8th Amendment?

Please look-up the sacred oath of office they each JUST TOOK. Print it everywhere that’s appropriate right now. Mahalo.

All the best to everyone,

Love and respect,


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