Operation Wipeout

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Welcome to my poetry
it gets inside my brain
I want to show some more of me
and hope something you’ll gain.

This is one way to frame my thoughts
I’m sharing what is true
it’s free to have a look around
I trust it’s fun for you.

Some say that pot’s the devil’s weed
I’ll bet that God’s offended
we know that it’s a basic need
and He’s to be commended!

The ‘burning bush’ was very clear
for Moses in his sandals
but Rabbis, Popes and Preachers now
treat holy herb like vandals.

Almost a year locked in this place
outside the sky is blue
I wonder how to win this case
and what would Jesus do?

He’s not around to speak his mind
we’ll have to make a guess
if we just followed his best words
we’d soon clean-up this mess.

The First Amendment’s our defense
I thought that it would fly
the only way the feds can win
is keeping-up the lie.

They say it has no medicine
that they can really see
but sixteen states have legalized
it’s clear to you and me.

Big pharma wants the only piece
of hemp’s BIG luscious pie
they say the plant is of no use
so cut it down and die.

Behind the scenes they’re working hard
like busy bees make honey
we all know what they will find’s
worth ton$ and ton$ of money!

Who has to ‘get it’ for a change
to happen on this Earth?
billions of hungry people
are anxious for the birth.

Yet every night I hear the news
the dollar keeps on falling
politicians everywhere
are really good at stalling.

Pretending they can’t see this herb
martini firm in hand
while bankrupsies and foreclosures
sweep across the land.

Remember in the ’80’s
before the crackdown came?
cash-flow was really flowin’
this state was in the game.

Crime was so much lower
smiles were everywhere
even all the welfare Moms
hardly had a care.

But “Operation Wipeout”
lived up to its name
it wiped-out the pakaloha
we can prove it was to blame.

Eradication of the herb
caused meth to take its root
but vested interests like the cops
say that the point is moot.

The only study ever done
to ask what caused meth’s troubles
was soon suppressed, I wonder why
and then the troubles doubled!

Making war against our people
the Constitution calls it ‘treason’
the drug war is exactly that
it runs on all false reason.

Politicians have it made
in no reporter’s spotlight
they both feed on the charade
even tho’ it’s not right.

All pot people in this world
know hemp is sacrament
and together we all wonder
where our freedoms went.

More important is to know
just how we get ’em back
because the herb we want to grow
to get ourselves on track.

Green, green ‘gold’ is better than
the kind inside the ground
can harvest every 90 days
a ‘goldmine’ you have found!

Imagine all the wealth to be
around the world this year
if only we could stand our ground
the hemp would reappear!

It’s a natural commodity
history makes it clear
hemp fueled the Revolution
we need a peaceful one this year!

Yes, this strange and windy road
is what I kinda hoped for
but I have been super-surprised
it’s given me so much more.

I followed spirit and my heart
to bring me what is new
adventure, romance, politics
all on the ‘isle of view’.

Life’s not at all just what I think
it’s what I feel and find
I know that I have had it great
it really was ‘da kine’.

Now I sit and wonder why
this detour is my path
as I look o-ver my life
I must re-do the math.

I am convinced that I have found
a way to conquer hate
I like to say for any bummer
Oh my, “God, that’s GREAT!”

It makes me smile and feel I can
avoid the beaten road
to find my way upon this Earth
and lighten-up my load.

Now I have a newer way
to redeem all of my faults
it proves that gold is really more
than just what’s in the vaults.

I confess to all that’s bad
forgiveness is the grace
when gratitude and love is had
we then can win our race.

No one did I cheat or steal
or shoot or lie or rob
I am convinced now even more
it was an ‘inside job’.

Yes, ‘they’ say I broke the law
that got me on this ride
but living like I had it made
my fall was caused by ‘pride’.

I organized the ministry
it really was superb
we helped much more than you could see
with T L C and herb.

I did my best to follow bliss
smoked pot and smiled a lot
but I was loose and having fun
and this is what I got.

Now I sit here in this pen
just thinking what to do
and at this point this is the time
I get to think of you.

Like all the movies I have seen
with heroes round the world
I simply want right now to save
the world and get the girl.

I’ve gotta stop with all the words
they’re flowing out my brain
I’m typing fast as I can think
it’s coming down like rain.

Holy moly, stop me now!
I’m sure you’ve gotta go
there’s other things we’ve both to do
let’s get-on with the show.

I tried to STOP, it’s hard to do
our minds need time to mend
come-on now put on the brakes
this poem has got to end!

It wasn’t then, although I tried
to hit the key and SEND it
I’m sittin’ here and ready now
it’s really time to end it.

First roll a joint and pass it on
like hippies did before
we all can learn a lot from them
“make love and don’t make war”!

After all these lines of rhyme
and all the things I see
the most important of them all
the future’s up to … me.

Much love and respect to everyone,

Roger Christie, Founder

THC Ministry




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6 Responses to “Operation Wipeout”

  1. Bud Palm
    on Jun 13th, 2011
    @ 1:00 pm

    Inspirational and awesome!! Love it.

  2. missmemamoses
    on Jun 14th, 2011
    @ 6:08 am

    I Am That I Am The Artist Known As “The Tree of Life’ Matron Saint Josesphine Beatrice – Jesus Christ – I Am Anointed With My Sacramental Holy Hemp, the Blessed and Sweet Maryjane, So As To Be Closer To The Holy of Holies.
    I have Roger to thank for inspiring me to express the truth about the hemp and the goddess through my art. He gave me the book by Chris Bennet – Green Gold The Tree of Life Marijuana in Magic and Religion, which shows hemp used and enjoyed world wide, since the beginning of time.
    Roger’s poem is wonderful and sad, he said alot and it should be printed and distributed.

    The pot war is a war against Mother Nature and planet Earth. It is an alien based invasion – read Roger’s favorite book – Slave Species. I posted what Roger wrote to me on my website.

  3. Shawn
    on Jun 28th, 2011
    @ 9:34 pm

    That was awesome Roger it is good to see you are in high spirits despite your awful situation. I wish there was more that I could/can/would have done to help you, the others and the cause. I hope you know that there are a lot of us praying for your safety and return to the free world. One love from Idaho.
    Shawn F.

  4. Paul von Hartmann
    on Jun 29th, 2011
    @ 1:37 pm

    Right On Reverend!Roger.

    I visualize this song being blasted over mile high speakers at a solar hempowered nationwide rock concert, California Republic to Washington, DC…electric guitars blowin em right out of their seats.

  5. Paul von Hartmann
    on Jul 5th, 2011
    @ 3:43 pm

    Imprisoned-without-trial-or-bail for almost a year (July 8th) Reverend Roger Christie, THC MInistry founder and Cannabis scholar, has had this study posted on his website for years. It’s ludicrous that that NONE of the “drug policy reform establishment” references NIDA’s own report on the consequences of marijuana eradication in arguing against marijuana prohibition.

    National Institute on Drug Abuse
    1991-1994 Final Report

    Ice and Other Methamphetamine Use: An Exploratory Study

    Highlights of the effects of marijuana eradication on the ‘ice’ problem:

    “The use of ice in Honolulu had led to particularly serious physical and psychological problems and significant social disruption in poor working communities where it replaced marijuana which had become scarce and expensive due to eradication policies.” (From the summary of findings)

    “There are thought to be several influences on the tremendous growth of ice in Honolulu after 1987. Residents were both pushed away from pakalolo, their staple drug of choice, and pulled toward ice by a well-organized marketing campaign by Asian distributors. Also the overwhelming smokable drug of choice, marijuana or pakalolo, which has been grown and used throughout the islands for many years, became the target of a government eradication campaign. This drove up prices, drastically reduced availability and left locals without their customary, and many would say relatively benign, smoke. Also, very importantly, many locals derived either part or all of their livelihood from marijuana production. Robbed of this need income many experienced considerable economic hardship. Thus when a new, easy to use, smokable product entered the market, one which at first felt non-threwatening to youthful novitiates — ice, it was readily accepted as a product to be used, and sold. Initial users were often likely to think of it as a substitute of sorts for pakalolo.(Dayton 1994)” (Page 22)

    “An important finding emerging from this study concerned the effect on individuals and communities from the scarcity of marijuana due to the eradication campaigns. Users often reported this was a major contribution to the increase in the use of meth especially in Honolulu. In many communities it had a devastating effect. As one respondent reported:

    “The ice use on the Waianae coast is greater than a lot of other places in the state. This is like a central distribution center for ice. It’s a known fact among the drug adicts and users on the island. It’s easier to get than weed. It’s not much more expensive than weed either. The amount of people here that use ice is increasing because people who couldn’t find weed were starting to find ice easier. Plenty guys I know use ice because they can’t get pot! I’d rather see them smoking pakalolo cause they were mellow, nice people. On ice, they change into robbing houses and carrying guns in less than one month. Things they never did on weed.” (Page123)

    “Moreover, successful periodic campaigns designed to eliminate this “evil” herb serve to steer the user to more dangerous substances. Findings presented in Chapter 7 on the social consequences of ice in Honolulu demonstrated that the latest version of the American campaign against marijuana continues to have the same unfortunate consequences.” (Page 163)

    Above excerpted sections of NIDA Report

    Entire report can be read on Roger Christie’s website here

  6. EC Anna
    on Nov 11th, 2011
    @ 1:12 pm

    May Haoma bless us with long life and fruitfull living.
    May Haoma bless you, Roger and friends, with Victory.

    As Haoma’s portion of our sacrifice is the left eye (the ancient’s eye of Restoration),
    and the jawbone/tongue (instuments of Speech),
    May Haoma’s powerful instrument, the mace (also a spice, not just a hammer) bring protection to you as you use your tongue to Praise Haoma and help to restore Haoma and the entire family of followers of Haoma to Rightful Religious placings. May you be as successful as Zoroaster in gaining religious protection(for ALL) from the ‘government’.

    Listening to yourself is no crime, when your self is guided by Good.
    Are you a threat to the public? Or are you just a threat to deeply ingrained religious ignorance or prejudice?

    I’m (spiritually/religiously) concerned for the MANY who are righteous followers of Haoma Cannabis, both the incarcerated and the ones living in fear. May Haoma bring new beginnings for peace.

    May THE WISE LORD of CREATION, who blessed the Herb and the herbs for earthly use, also bless us all.

    Again, Ushta!
    EC Anna

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