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I love it when people think and act exponentially. When acting for one person makes a blessing for many. Unum e pluribus? :-p

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Q: How might an average person consume 4-8 ounces per day, would the hemp plant also suffice?

A: Dr. William Courtney: The Hemp plant is actually an excellent plant because the THC content can be low, that’s if you’re treating a condition for which appears CBD food supplement is in order. Another nice thing about a Hemp plant is if we put in millions of acres there’s going to be a lot of that leaf available. The ratio in the Hemp plant, once we get out from underneath the Prohibition, then you could have 1:1, 3:1, 20:1. Right now because of legal restrictions, that THC has to be less than 0.025% so it puts you into a pure CBD state. The plants we’re using in Luxembourg have only 1% CBD, a 1% CBD plant is providing you with 19 times more CBD per pound than Oranges provide you of vitamin C. A 1% is an excellent source, you can make tremendous concentrates you can eat the plant raw – and the absence of the THC – you can heat Hemp, which you can’t do with other strains because the THC acid comes out and you end up with a psycho-toxic substance.

All Cannabis plants: Sativa, Indica, Ruderalis, male, female, hermaphrodite, bred for fiber, seeds, medicinal resin or wild contain anti-tumor medicine.
CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC and other Cannabinoids that are dominant in fiber Hemp have anti-tumor activities.
After three months of development the Cannabinoid content of each leaf and flower peaks for most strains.
Viable Hemp seeds sold from www.detoxyourworld.com, www.hemporium.com, www.happilyraw.com and www.gojiking.co.uk are likely 20:1 CBD/THC.
To sprout viable seeds, sprinkle them over soil, then cover and water daily until they emerge. Eating a few dozen sprouts is very nutritious and Analgesic.
Cannabis flowers, leaves, essential oil, seeds and roots are also available online.
Hemp seed oil contains 10 milligrams per kg of CBD and many Anti-tumor compounds. In countries with a tolerant THC law, Hemp seed oil can contain up to 50 milligrams per kg THC.
Swiss Hemp essential oil contains 540 milligrams per kg of CBD and 3 milligrams per kg each CBD, CBG and CBN.

Marinol contains the carcinogen Titanium Dioxide. Titanium dioxide is commonly included in toothpaste, sunscreen, cosmetics and paint.
Trichomes protect against UV-B and are fat-soluble. Hemp seed oil carries them off the shell during pressing, hence it’s a viable sunscreen.

”A child who used to have hundreds of seizures a day now goes days without having a seizure [using 11:1 CBD/THC Hemp juice after being on every medication Western Medicine had]. Another patient of mine who is 2 or 3 years old had a brain stem tumor: after receiving 10 times the fatal exposure of radiation and a bone marrow transplant, she was sent home from hospice care. She was consuming up to 4 – 8 oz of raw cannabis juice per day – her MRI came, not only is the tumor gone, but the radiation damage, the scar tissue has completely reabsorbed in a year and a half, and it normally takes 5 – 6 years for that to reabsorb.” Dr. William Courtney

“Dr. Mechoulam (Cannabis / Cannabinoid Researcher 1960 – present) discovered why massive doses of Cannabis HASN’T killed anybody, not one recorded death. We DON’T have any Cannabinoid Receptors CB1 or CB2 in the Medulla Oblongata, that’s the part of the Brain that controls Respiration and Heart rate. So massive doses of many OTHER drugs or even not so massive doses cause Respiratory depression, Cardiac suppression and Death. Massive doses of Marijuana might make people fall a sleep but it DOESN’T stop their breathing or heart.” Dr. Frank H. Lucido

The United States has given a patent to their Food and Drug Administration titled “Cannabinoids as Anti-oxidants and Neuroprotectants.” The invention is taking 600 mg of CBD a day to prevent oxidative diseases. “Oxidative associated diseases include, without limitation, free radical associated diseases, such as ischemia, ischemic reperfusion injury, inflammatory diseases, systemic lupus erythematosis, myocardial ischemia or infarction, cerebrovascular accidents (such as a thromboembolic or hemorrhagic stroke) that can lead to ischemia or an infarct in the brain, operative ischemia, traumatic hemorrhage (for example a hypovolemic stroke that can lead to CNS hypoxia or anoxia), spinal cord trauma, Down’s syndrome, Crohn’s disease, autoimmune diseases (e.g. rheumatoid arthritis or diabetes), cataract formation, uveitis, emphysema, gastric ulcers, oxygen toxicity, neoplasia, undesired celular apoptosis, radiation sickness, and others. The present invention is believed to be particularly beneficial in the treatment of oxidative associated diseases of the CNS, because of the ability of the cannabinoids to cross the blood brain barrier and exert their antioxidant effects in the brain. In particular embodiments, the pharmaceutical composition of the present invention is used for preventing, arresting, or treating neurological damage in Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and HIV dementia; autoimmune neurodegeneration of the type that can occur in encephalitis, and hypoxic or anoxic neuronal damage that can result from apnea, respiratory arrest or cardiac arrest, and anoxia caused by drowning, brain surgery or trauma (such as concussion or spinal cord shock).” http://cannabisinternational.org/patents.php

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