Parse This: Marijuana is Essential

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 “Parsing Obama’s Words on Legalizing Marijuana” – Ethan Nadelmann

by Paul von Hartmann

Ethan Nadelmann’s “parsing” of Obama’s every word & chuckle of mis-leadership is itself a pointless distraction from the real “conversation” that needed to happen long before now. This sort of disingenuous chit-chat about Cannabis prohibition is exactly what has had this issue stalled for decades. Take your ‘freedom to complain’ and shove it. That’s not what my ancestors sacrificed and fought for. That is not the shredded legacy I intend for my young son and the people of his generation to inherit.

There has been much more than way too much conversation. Polar revaluation is needed — now. In reality, Cannabis is essential, and has never been truly illegal. In reality, Cannabis is too valuable to be within the rightful jurisdiction of any court, so conversation just continues to legitimize the authority of an outlaw regime. Since ‘time is the limiting factor in the equation of survival, we are compelled by increasingly urgent necessity to end Cannabis prohibition, not have another flaccid conversation about it.

Emergency Preparedness, Response and Communications Committee on Homeland Security: “Essential Civilian Demand”

This needs to happen now, not next week or in some vague, uncertain “next election.” Years of insubstantial conversation are not what America and the rest of the world needs. What we enormously lack is honest leadership.

Both Mr. Nadelmann and President Obama need to ramp-up their personal awareness of the Big Picture, and quickly resolve what is a simple matter of erroneous valuation: Cannabis is the most nutritious, useful, ecologically significant, safely healing, entheogenic, globally distributed, ancient agricultural resource on Earth. Every planting season that passes is gone forever. WE DON’T HAVE ONE MORE SPRING TO WASTE! Didn’t Sandy make clear the supreme significance of Natural Law, or are people waiting for the Earth’s volcanos to start exploding in unison, with earthquakes and tsunamis too?

When is the DPA going to acknowledge that “god-given” natural resources which are both unique and essential, are beyond the rightful jurisdiction of any court; That drugs don’t make seeds and that herbs do. Freedom to farm “every herb bearing seed” is the first test of religious freedom: BANG! GAME OVER!

Even the DOJ recognizes “freedom of religion” as our “First Freedom,” yet the world’s most beneficial, “strategic” “herb bearing seed” “of first necessity to the wealth and protection of the country” has somehow been placed under the authority of a budget-hungry, self-serving bunch of corrupt DEA thugs who are transparent in their murderous plundering of the American people, and people in other countries. In particular, may God forgive America for atrocities heaped upon the people of Mexico, Colombia and the rest of South America.

Here in the United States, if President Obama wasn’t such an arrogant hypocrite about ‘marijuana’ little Cashy Hyde would most likely be alive today. Cashy was one hugely brave, trusting boy who symbolically represents us all, whether we realize it or not. American society is as deathly ill and in danger of extinction. Our species is slowly succumbing to prolonged, imposed essential resource scarcity and ignorance.

The first thing that the contemporary Cannabis culture (the true drug policy reform alliance of global grassroots activists) needs to focus like a laser beam on is the lynch-pin case of Reverend Roger Christie. Refusing to “cut a deal” Roger has been imprisoned without trial or bail, and denied visitors for two and a half years in Hawaii.

Roger’s case is so critical because his rightful vindication would reclaim the spiritual legitimacy of the world’s oldest global culture, over-ruling federal prohibition statutes by the power of the First Amendment. As a result, all other marijuana cases would have to be dismissed. Roger’s indefinite imprisonment and his religious oppression is cause for more than just conversation. Dismissal of due process of law is a treasonous act, antagonistic to the US Constitution. What is happening to Reverend Christie is what the Constitution was written to prevent, and yet the Drug Policy Alliance has been silent on the abuse of Reverend Christie, an effective Cannabis activist and hemp entrepreneur for more than a quarter of a century, now a political prisoner in the so-called “drug war.”

Prohibition of Cannabis has always been economically motivated, by industries that would not be able to compete against organic farmers if ‘marijuana’ weren’t kept out of farmer’s reach by its “untenable” misclassification as a “Schedule One drug” [sic].

Drugs don’t make seeds. Herbs do. You can make a drug from an herb but you can’t make an herb from a drug. They are not the same thing. Yet all of the attorneys and strategists at DPA, MPP, ASA, NORML, etc., have not ever challenged the rightful jurisdiction of the court of any “herb bearing seed” and do not ally with those who do.

When is Ethan Nadelmann, (talking head of the drug policy reform establishment, an oxymoron) going to use his affluent position and high-visibility to publicly identify Cannabis as both unique and essential to national security?

Obama has, in Executive Order 13603, on March 16th. So far the monied reformers are failing to make note of Cannabis “hemp” being identified as a “strategic resource” available by “essential civilian demand.”

The real conversation hasn’t even been alluded to yet. Cannabis is a time-critical, ecological necessity. I’ve explained it to you, for years, yet your so-called “alliance” does not acknowledge or even show interest in the information. Why is that? Don’t you ‘believe’ in monoterpenes? Is climate change not on DPA’s list of harms caused by prohibition?

The “legitimate debate” is now been renamed “a conversation” — big whoop. Okay, well, then, let’s have a conversation, you & me Ethan. I’ll tell you how we can end prohibition tomorrow, for not a lot of money. I’ve extended this offer to you many times. The last time was at the NORML conference in Berkeley, when you violated Robert’s Rules of Order by barking your interruption of my introduction of essential civilian demand as a strategic option.

People who continue to fund the oxymoronic drug policy reform establishment seem to be comfortable with dysfunction  rather than ready to consider all solutions. What will it take to end further conversation and initiate a free agricultural market? I wonder…

— Paul von Hartmann

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