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Hello out there,

Aloha to thee. I listened to the best health talk I’ve ever heard last night on Coast to Coast with Dr. Robert Young. His book is called * The PH Miracle * and his website is … PHMiracleLiving dot com. Please check his information out and apply it if it feels right for you. This good doctor presented simple truths that felt really right to me.

Dr. Young says that health is much about acidity v. alkalinity … our PH balance. Health food store baking soda is the single miracle ingredient for balancing our PH, according to him. The doctor recommends saliva strips to accurately evaluate one’s PH first thing in the morning. He also recommends multiple grams of sea salt every day, along with green drinks, low-sugar fruits, alkaline water and HEMP SEED as the best protein going. :-p

Today was my first day taking some of the doctor’s advice, as best I can do from in here. Zero vinegar, tea, honey, cookies, meat … and I feel better already. :-O God, that’s great!

All the best health to everyone!

Love, Roger



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