Pitch to Mitch

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ALOHA! from prison cell 104 on the 5th floor of the Federal Detention Center at the Honolulu Airport! :-p

Please know that even though my physical body is incarcerated for over 28 months – that my spirit flies ABSOLUTELY FREE over to Kalapana, and to each and every one of you at the Freedom Festival today!

Big mahalo to all of the organizers and helpers who made this event come true, and to each of you who came out today to take a stand for freedom. Mahalo and aloha to Uncle Robert and to all of his ohana for hosting today and for their steadfast dedication to joyful and generous community spirit, to social justice, and to making life pono. I look forward to joining you all again as soon as we win this important case!

I LOVE being an activist on the big island, especially with my new wife Share. It’s our sacred service and one of the greatest pleasures in our life to serve the cause of Cannabis freedom together. We’re honored to be activists for the Cannabis tree of life! Spirit is bigger than government! Mahalo ke akua!

The more activists = the more freedom! We’ve proven that a small dedicated group acting together can succeed in making our lives better by taking effective action in a peaceful, legal way. We WON the Peaceful Sky law in 2008! It just needs to be obeyed by the Prosecutor and then the big island will become one of the happiest places on Earth! Imagine that freedom!

The sad AND happy truth is that “we get the government we deserve”. Fortunately, everyone here today knows that we deserve better! “Silence = consent”, and “the squeaky wheel gets the grease of freedom!” Be the squeaky wheel ohana and go make some noise together! You can have all the freedom you can handle – you’ve just got to go and get it! Make it happen now! Take all this good juicy freedom feeling and make an action plan together; then go do it!

Here’s my suggestion; make the next Freedom Fest a rally for Peaceful Sky at the Prosecutor’s office in Hilo. Go and

“Pitch to Mitch!” Mitch Roth is our new Prosecutor and he says he wants social justice and community involvement. Well go and give it to him! He’ll HAVE to listen to you if you arrive on time when he’s there, you have good manners, deliver respectful speeches and make common sense. Tell him you just want him to obey the law like he wants us to obey the law. We want him to obey the peaceful Sky law NOW! We voted for it, we won the election and we want the victory. Tell Mitch to stop prosecuting people for 24 Cannabis plants or less in private at home just like the law says. “Pitch to Mitch!”[ our new prosecutor] on the big Island Once that’s done successfully then go on to the next Freedom project together, and then to the next one. We get the government we deserve – and we deserve BETTER!

I hope to be home and politically active with you again as soon as possible. In the meantime, consider yourselves well hugged.

Much love and respect to each one of you!


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