Please vote *Christie For Mayor* on August 11th!

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Share Christie

Share Christie

Hawai’i County voter – aloha. My name is Share Christie and I ask you to please vote for me on August 11th. Mahalo.

1.) What’s the most important need in Hawai’i County? HONEST LEADERSHIP to declare an end to the disastrous war on drugs. As your new Mayor I would provide treatment and other harm reduction policies rather than prison for our people.

Are your car keys in your pocket or purse? Do you lock your home when you leave it? If you answered yes, please know that before our island’s ‘war on marijuana’ and the ‘green harvest’ program virtually everyone left their keys in their cars and their doors unlocked. During the 1970’s and 1980’s there was very little crime, and almost zero ‘meth’ or homelessness here.

2.) How can the Mayor help the local economy? KNOWLEDGE is power, and EDUCATION leads to greater wealth, health and happiness. One of my top goals as your Mayor includes graduating more of our children from better schools.

We can REDUCE the county budget by millions of dollars annually by obeying the Peaceful Sky law – eliminating the investigation, arrest and prosecution of three to four hundred misdemeanor ‘marijuana’ crimes every year, just for starters. For other drug crimes, effective treatment is half the cost of prison. Let’s respect, repair and rehabilitate our people.

Federal classification of ‘marijuana’ as a Schedule 1 ‘most dangerous substance’ is a fraud and needs to be repealed immediately. My husband Roger Christie and I are co-defendants with the ‘Green Fourteen’ in an important federal case of religious freedom for Cannabis sacrament. Please follow the developments at www dot the-last-marijuana-trial dot com.

As the new Mayor I would PROMOTE Hawai’i County as a place of LIBERTY and PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. I recommend a new Cannabis hemp-based economy, or “ganja-nomics”. What Napa Valley is to wine – Hawai’i County can be for Cannabis. Our location, weather and workforce is perfect for this organic and sustainable industry to take root. We’re already world-famous for our locally-grown Cannabis crops. Property values will go up, the visitor industry will be booked, crime will go down and incomes will increase. We can be a world leader with a bright, healthy, happy future.

3.) Building code. I SUPPORT changes to a more people-friendly, alternative building code. We can grow and manufacture much of our own building materials including bamboo and hemp to suit our different climates and our low-budget population, and even have export products. More sustainable living solutions can be found by designing communities around central cores of schools, work and shopping requiring minimal vehicle traffic.

4.) Economic emergency. Hawai’i County needs an EMERGENCY PLAN for challenging economic emergencies.

5.) Energy. We need to produce and generate more local energy from sun, wind, water and energy crops like hemp. Alcohol stills to make gas need to be promoted for farms and small communities, reducing demand for imported fuels.

6.) Environment. Our environment IS our economy. We need to protect our tropical rainforest and all of our other vulnerable natural resources.

7.) Fukushima. Our residents and visitors deserve HONEST REPORTING. We constantly need to know all of the potential hazards of dangerous radiation in our air, water and food sources caused by the on-going nuclear disaster in Japan.

8.) Geothermal. It can be useful ONLY if it’s safe. We love the hot ponds and respect the power of Pele. Once all other options are considered, I’m open to discussions on geothermal development ONLY with neighborhood approval, liability insurance and safety plans in place.

9.) GMOs. Our island residents and visitors deserve HONEST LABELING of all GMO products while we seek to reduce untested GMO crops on the island, nicknamed “franken-foods”. I support more certified organic crop lands.

My campaign represents new ideas and creativity with compassion in government. The well-being of our children is most important to me as is the respect for nature and our environment. Imagine how good our future can be! Mahalo and aloha.

Please vote * Christie For Mayor * on August 11th. Mahalo and aloha.

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One Response to “Please vote *Christie For Mayor* on August 11th!”

  1. Olafur
    on Jul 29th, 2012
    @ 7:42 am

    Hemp production has been ongoing here in Iceland, as well as hydro and geothermal electricity. This is the most environmentally and beautiful Countries I have ever seen. No nukes. No coal. Just an abundance of natural abundance. I am and am always reminded how lucky I am to have been born here, and lived all over the world, and have only to look around and see the splendor and majesty of clean energy in nature. The only problem we encounter every now and then is a Volcanic eruption and the ash cloud….
    I wish I could vote for Roger, but will send blessings in place of my ballot! Free Roger and stop the travesty NOW!

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