Q&A: Share Christie for Hawaii Mayor

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Age: 60

Job: Political activist; clergy member; striving to be a self-sufficient farmer.

Background: Mayor’s executive assistant; Hawaii State Bar Association; Hawaii Justice Foundation

What qualifies you to be mayor?
Through four years of collecting less in taxes in the toughest economy in the history of the county, we made government more efficient and responsive, protected our children and seniors, invested in important sectors of the economy to keep our working families healthy, and we brought people together to solve problems and get things done. Our team is in place and prepared to continue the good work.

What is the biggest problem facing your county and what would you do about it?
The biggest problem facing the people of Hawaii County are the disastrous social and heath effects of the war on drugs, especially those caused by the “marijuana eradication program.”  Our plan is to begin by instituting a harm-reduction program beginning with implementing the Lowest Law Enforcement Priority of Cannabis Ordinance, nick-named the Peaceful Sky law passed by the voters in 2008.

What role should the county play in encouraging growth?
We will promote more freedom and personal liberty, which is called “supply-side economics.” We will investigate and implement “Ganja-nomics,” a commercial cannabis hemp economy.  We have the location, the weather and the workforce that is ideal for this.

How can the county improve transportation infrastructure and services?
A cannabis hemp-based economy will generate more revenues to the county than ever before with a unique licensing program: “Big Island Grown.” We are already world famous for cannabis names like “Kona Gold” and “Puna Buttah.” Revenues will go to building mostly rural transportation services.


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