Religious Exemption for the Obama-Care law

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Aloha. I just heard that there’s a built-in “religious exemption” to the new Obama-Care law. In my opinion, Obama-Care is a very dangerous act of Big Brother/police state government and I recommend that all of our THC Ministry members avoid it.

1.) Please make a bright and bold notice on the THC Ministry website homepage to let our members and visitors know about the “religious exemption” available to them for Obama-Care.

2.) We’ll also need to make a link to a printable page with THC Ministry letterhead that members can fill-in and print-out for their records that states our exemption.

We were ruled a “legitimate” Cannabis Ministry by U.S. District Court Judge Leslie Kobayashi in a bench ruling on July 31, 2013. We deserve all the legal benefits thereof. Mahalo.

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