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We call the case of the THC Ministry “the last marijuana trial” much like there was a last witch trial one day many years ago.

We differ from all other cases of religious use of sacramental Cannabis in that I was ordained as a Cannabis sacrament Minister, and then licensed for life by the State of Hawai’i to marry people specifically as a “Cannabis sacrament” minister. That designation gives me a 10th Amendment defense in addition to the guarantees of religious freedom we all (want to) enjoy under the First Amendment, known also as “the first freedom”. The ‘first freedom’ is the one that all other freedoms can come from … or not.

Cannabis is the most commonly-used spiritual sacrament in human history. We call it a “sacrament”, meaning that it’s a ‘visible form of invisible grace’. What invisible graces? For instance, by neutralizing our memories (replaying mental tapes) we get to access divine intelligence and develop higher consciousness, a primary goal of human evolution.

When we win recognition of our legitimacy in federal court we get to exercise our spiritual practices which include cultivating Cannabis hemp for ALL its many blessings; sacrament, medicine, essential fatty acids and protein as food, etc., etc.

We are people “of the cloth”. I am a “man of the cloth”, the hemp cloth.

The THC Ministry provides a home for the spiritually lost.

Cannabis has been and remains the “sacrament of the peace culture” as it helps to bring people into balance. Harmony and peace are values of humans who are in balance. Medical people call it “homeostasis”.

The THC Ministry has a MANDATE to grow and use Cannabis. We made it mandatory to grow the sacramental plants so that our practitioners develop a relationship of care for them and receive higher quality results at harvest time, and benefits throughout the growing cycle. See “The Secret Life of Plants” for details. We mandate using Cannabis so that all of our practitioners will enjoy all the known and unknown benefits of injesting the holy herb, including less stress, more joy and laughter, disease prevention, etc.

Religious / spiritual use of Cannabis provides preventative health care, unlike medical marijuana where one must be sick before qualifying for it. Cannabis is commonly known to provide bliss with what science knows now as “anandamide”, from the Sanskrit – literally ‘bliss stuff’.

‘Medical marijuana’ has zero constitutional protections, religious use enjoys the FIRST FREEDOM, religious freedom. We also exercise the 13th Amendment as Cannabis use is necessary to protect us from ‘mental slavery’. It helps to free our minds, or expand our minds.

Fresh, fertile Cannabis hemp seeds provide a source of essential fatty acids and vegetarian protein necessary for optimun human health. Once we receive legitimacy from the federal government all of our practitioners and Ministers will be legally able to grow a seed crop as a family food.


At the THC Ministry we navigate our lives primarily by exercising spiritual practices which we are in control of and have a positive history with. We have two basic techniques that we use to help “turn bummers into blessings” in a process we call “turn-around Junction” because we purposely re-frame them and ‘turn them around’ in the right direction.

1.) “God, that’s great! Please show us the blessings in THIS situation … and hurry! We are safe, we are loved and all is well.” Details of this method can be learned at www dot huna dot org.

2.) “I apologize for my part in _______ whatever ________ . Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.” Details of this method can be learned at www dot zerolimits dot info.

By exercising these spiritual techniques we see clear and measurable blessings from being raided, arrested and indicted. For one, we’re forced to do the practices more often! More practice = more blessings.

We are zero “victims”. Victim comes from the latin word victima, a small animal for slaughter in a religious ritual. We choose to be the opposite of victim which we call exercising our mana, our inner spiritual strength. We believe that when our mana is UP – our victim is DOWN. However, when our mana (our inner spiritual strength) is DOWN – our victim is UP and gets us raided, arrested and indicted, and other so-called negative incidents. Our redemption now comes from reversing that equation and exercising our mana and giving zero energy to our victim.

We seek to take 100% responsibility for the results of our choices, for our karma. It’s the game we play in our minds as God-beings, as co-creators of our reality.

We believe in the “law of attraction” that “like attracts like”. By being positive and respectful of others, by having good manners, being kind, and treating others as the Golden Rule advises, we evolve to a greater reality of life experience.

All the best to you,


Roger Christie, Founder
THC Ministry


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