Reverend Roger Christie, Destined to fill a page in American History


Twas just about dawn of the eighth of July
not all the stars had abandoned the sky
When out of the dark with a roar bold and gruff
Appeared Uncle Sampire to snuff those who puff

Our Constitution abused he used as his wings
Conspiring with Samp were his federal best friends
The FBI, the DEA and an endless list of acronyms
This heroic group was charged to arrest
Those who consume the sacrament blest
By right Reverend Roger Christie
Destined to fill a page in American History

Determined is Roger to show the world
That Americans may worship as the Founders unfurled
In the Noble Document Samp wields as his cloak
Sacramental tokes from the flower of cannabis
Ignites in the soul the feeling of righteousness
Participants gather to share the peace pipe
In reverence they pray a new day shall be bright
For the children well loved and the child long ignored
Determined Mother Earth’s ecology be restored.

So why Uncle Sampyre with your cohorts in tow
The army, the coast guard and the others gung-ho
To undo the movement to restore the faith
Of free living loyal Americans for the Nation’s rebirth

And where was NASA’s police during this untoward raid
What if Christie’s mystery ministers had hid
An escape shuttle for their get a way bid
To launch into orbit beyond the sly grip
Of Uncle Sam Pyre and his illegal trip
The DEA has no notion of extra terrestrial orbit
Only NASA could counter the satanic plot
Which obviously existed but never employed

As for me, I was there at the time of the raid
But after imbibing in sacrament my escape was made
Through the rare window I scurried and slid down
The last moonbeam, escaping into Hilotown
Eluding the dragnet of The FBI/ The DEA
The Coast Guard, the US Army, the National Park Service,
The Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement,
The Postal Inspection Service, the Hawaii High Intensity
Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA), Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco,
Firearms and Explosives, US Marshals Service, State of Hawaii
Narcotics Enforcement Division, The State Department of Public
Safety, Hawaii National Guard Counter Drug Unit and the Hawaii
County Police Department.

Only NASA’s police could have nabbed me. Now I’m free
To draw pictures and tell the tale of Uncle Sampyre and his
Rough riding retinue of Federal rogues.


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