Roger Christie at Home

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  1. Jonathan Kemp
    on Mar 3rd, 2015
    @ 3:32 am

    Back home? Yeah, welcome back to reality. Are you back on Hawaii, can come see u?

    Need a religious exemption from the unconstitutional draft Obamacare Affordable Care Act. Does the THC-Ministry qualify as exempting religious organization as required by that outrageous Law?

    Ah but if not, no worries, the health draft will be judged unconstitutional anyway. (Pray)

    Funny, people got all upset about a few drafted into military for Daddy Warbucks in Vietnam; but now hardly a whimper when everyone’s been drafted into healthcare profiting mobster insurance in the USA! .

  2. Rev. Roger Christie
    on Mar 6th, 2016
    @ 9:56 am


    Hi there Jonathan,

    Aloha. I’m just seeing your post from last YEAR (!) tonight March 5, 2016. I’m sorry for this very late reply. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.

    Yes, I’m home on our farm 3 miles from Pahoa since getting released from the B.O.P. on Nov. 14, 2014. Phew. The gov tried mightily to bury me for a theoretical 480 years and my wife 240 years. :-O And we still didn’t take the plea deal … until the government blinked a week ahead of a trial and we thankfully got a relatively good and very rare ‘deal’. We’re waiting on the decision from San Francisco any day now til later this year. tick-tock …

    During the process of filing motions over the last 5+ years our federal judge ruled that Share and I are sincere and legitimate religious practitioners of Cannabis sacrament; then she denied us using that designation in a trial. :-O Oh well … at least the designation is set in legal stone and makes our religious exemptions a powerful thing for all of our THC Ministry members and their children. That’s powerful, practical and valuable … for life.

    Yes, please come visit. Email me first for a mutually-convenient day and time. or facebook private message me / Roger Christie. Thanks.

    All the best to you!


  3. Rev. mike bingham
    on May 23rd, 2015
    @ 10:21 pm

    Glad to hear ur free an home I cant see what is wrote as im on my phone but I would like to know wat happened or wat was the out,come of the legal battle how that all worked out if it could,be positively used in other battles or how we could grow on it so in future we can come up with better defenses

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