Roger denied “compassion visit” before mom’s passing

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Aloha to thee. Thanks for the email notice … I did connect with David and heard that our Mom passed away at 5 a.m. this morning in her sleep. Aloha to her. Interesting that I woke-up from a nap today as I was dreaming of being at a family re-union in Colorado and ALL the family was there, including Mom. Spirit is so interesting, right?

David told me that he was trying to get a ‘compassion visit’ for me to go to the funeral in a few days. I told him NOT to make a heroic effort of it, that we would (God-willing) win this case and Share and I would visit in late winter or spring for a double re-union celebration.

About 10 days ago I sent Mom a copy of the latest afterlife article I know of called “Proof of heaven” by Eban Alexander, M.D. Do you know of his story? VERY interesting, indeed. Please google it for your own personal family information. It’s very comforting to read and know about.

I must say that the denial of bail/bond for me eight times as a “danger to my community” has been a big disappointment, and cruel treatment, especially at the end of my sweet Mom’s life. We all deserved better from a government that we supported as honorable citizen patriots all of our lives.

God, that’s great! Please show us the blessings in THIS situation … and hurry! We are safe, we are loved and all is well.

And so it is.

All the best to you and yours,


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