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Aloha. I’m Share Christie, wife of Roger Christie of The Hawai’i Cannabis THC Ministry. I’m grateful to be here today from the big island to represent, among other things, the consciousness-raising and health benefits of using Cannabis as a personal “botanical savior”, and as a political tool for the Libertarian Party.

Roger says “high” to all of you! While I’m on Oahu I’m hoping to visit him at the Federal Detention Center, even though my visits have been denied without cause for the last 3 months. Hopefully that’s been cleared-up by tuesday I also want to network with like-minded people who see the danger – for everyone – of denying bail for Roger for a first-offense, federal ‘marijuana’ charge.

Roger and I have been on a mission to run the THC Ministry from the Moses Building oceanfront in Hilo with over 50,ooo members in over 60 countries. We think Cannabis hemp is – by far – Spirit’s greatest plant gift to humanity, and is literally the ‘tree of life whose leaves shall heal all the nations’ like it says on the first page of the Bible. We think Cannabis hemp is the source of the best nutrition, medicine and sacrament on Earth. (Eat the hemp seeds, and juice the fresh, raw leaves!).

We’ve been a real street Ministry serving our eccentric community with THC Ministry services and Cannabis sacraments, while the internet allowed our message to go far and wide around the world. Our services included weddings, funerals, counseling, fellowship, holiday ceremonies, baptisms and communion with Cannabis smoke and vapor. Our sacraments include cloned Cannabis starter plants, flowers or ‘buds’, Cannabis flower tinctures made with Grand Marnier and Chambord cognac, and a non-alcoholic one made with Cannabis flowers and vegetable glycerine. Our tincture motto was “There’s a bud in every bottle!” We offered our popular “Aloha bags” of Cannabis flower trimmings and leaves for free to all of our members and medical marijuana patients who needed them. We also made the holy anointing oil of Moses from the old testament recipe of Exodus 30:23. The words christ, messiah and anoint are the same thing. This topical sacrament has been a great blessing for us to discover and to make, and it has even healed gangrene with the anointing oil, It’s a miraculous sacrament from very ancient days. We’ve also ordained sincere people as THC Ministers in other states and countries, and we did our best to ‘comfort’ as many people as possible with the resources available to us.

We’ve had a great run for almost 10 years, and now we’re all (the Green Fourteen) presented with the challenge of winning against three ‘marijuana’ conspiracy charges while facing mandatory minimum sentences of 5 to 40 years each. We’re rising to the challenge as best we can. Roger and I have both rejected plea deals and we now look forward to filing motions, public court hearings with expert witnesses, and a trial if necessary. Our relationship is strengthening us and allowing us to grow spiritually and to love each other more through the stresses of Roger’s incarceration and my supervised release. Our trial has been delayed numerous times and is now scheduled for March 12, 2013. We invite you to follow our case online at the-last-marijuana-trial dot com, and to attend our public court hearings to be held in the next few months. Your prayers and other practical support is most welcome and appreciated from now through our trial.

Liberty is the opposite of slavery, and a Libertarian Party is a very good thing! We applaude your efforts to support each other’s personal freedom, and to get the message to a wider Hawai’i audience. We’re happy to help you.

What motivated Roger to start the THC Ministry? He recently told me this story and I think it’s worth telling it to you today. In 1972 Roger was 23 years old and living in Denver, Colorado. One day while riding his bike in Cheeseman Park he noticed a circle of about 10 hippies sitting on the grass … smoking some grass. They looked colorful and happy and seemed to be having a fine time … until Roger noticed a motorcycle cop spot them, jump the curb with his motorcycle and race over the lawn to arrest them! Yes, the cop found that the hippies were smoking Cannabis and he called for back-up so all of them could be arrested. Roger was so disturbed and angry to witness this police assault on peaceful people, baby-boomers, that he vowed to do what he could to prevent it from happening to anyone else ever again. A few years later Roger ran for Mayor of Denver, his first run for public office. He was 29 years old and the youngest candidate in Denver history. He lost, but he gained valuable experience in public speaking, local politics and public relations.

It took many years, but soon after being ordained as a Minister and then licensed by the State of Hawai’i to marry people specifically with “Cannabis sacrament”, Roger felt he finally had the spiritual and legal tools necessary to help the Cannabis culture in a practical way and to fulfill his long-term dream. He had THC Ministry i.d. signature cards printed-up by the hundreds that included Roger’s state license number, his website, phone number and email address so that he could be taking as much responsibility as possible for other people’s religious use of Cannabis. Since its founding on September 20th of 2000 the THC Ministry has helped over 100 documented cases of members who were able to avoid arrest by showing their i.d. cards to arresting officers. As far as we know, thousands of people all over the world still have laminated THC Ministry i.d. cards in their wallets and purses, just in case.

We do our best to “practice what we preach”, and one of the things Roger and I preach is to bless our challenges and our worst troubles. The THC Ministry blessing goes like this: “God, that’s great! Please show us the blessings in THIS situation … and hurry! We are safe, we are loved and all is well.” In metaphysics, whatever we focus on … grows. We choose to use our free will to focus on the positive whenever possible, and to help turn bummers into blessings by exercising our mana, our inner spiritual strength, with high intention and the ‘law of attraction’ working for us.

Roger suggests that the Libertarian Party use its position in the community to promote a professional association with the Fully Informed Jury Association out of Montana. See them online at www dot fija dot org. He suggests the party draft a proposed bill like was recently passed in New Hampshire (called HB 146) where judges must now instrust every jury that they have the right to nullify a guilty verdict if they conscientiously object to the law and the penalty. Is as old as quarrels and I and is an end

Roger thinks that the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 might have been adopted for 99 years and, if true, is set to expire on December 21st, 2012 … co-incidentially the exact end of the Mayan calendar’s long-count. He recommends an examination of that act to see if a replacement can be fashioned in the next 90 days that provides for an “honest money” policy instead of a renewal of the treasonous act. The Federal Reserve Bank has done enormous damage to the health and welfare of “we the people”, helping to create the imbalance commonly known as the 1% super-rich v. the 99% struggling near or at poverty levels, and multi-trillion dollar deficits with zero public audit. The private (pirate) bank needs to be replaced by a new system to provide for a healthier, wealthier and happier future for more deserving citizens and their children’s children. Ask Ron Paul, or Gary Johnson for details.

I invite you to take some time with google and investigate for yourself the latest information on the nutritional, medicinal and spiritual benefits of Cannabis hemp. We know that you’ll be amazed at the latest science that’s now available. Ask for hemp food and cosmetic products at your local health food store – there are many organic choices on the market – all imported from Canada as industrial hemp is still prohibited to be grown domestically. Most of these are top-quality products that will add to your health, wellness and good looks. We all deserve the freedom to grow, use and distribute the crop that Thomas Jefferson called … “of the first necessity to the wealth and protection of the nation.” The very same crop and the very same charges that we now face in federal court!

Memory lane: Roger thinks that he attended some of the original Libertarian Party meetings back in Denver in the 1970’s. He remembers the meetings were hosted in a modern home designed like a castle in south Denver and run by a man named David vaner Roger remembers providing some of his very best homegrown Cannabis for the pot luck dinners that was appreciated by most of those in attendance. :-p

Please see me after the meeting if you’d like to attend my 5 Element Cooking Class and Hempseed Dinner next Tuesday a fundraiser for our defense , I would also like to ask you to go to our website

Mahalo and aloha!


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  1. Rev. Johnson
    on Oct 4th, 2012
    @ 4:18 am

    Loved reading this!!!

    Could you please look into getting the ministry forum worked on? It has been down for a while now and this has hindered my ability to direct people to the wealth of information the forum contains!!!

    Thank you
    Reverend Johnson
    THC Ministry forum

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