Share Christie Running for Mayor of the Big Island

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* Keep the dream of freedom alive! *

Aloha from me, and from Roger who sends you his blessings from his prison cell at the federal detention center in Honolulu. He wishes he was with us here today, and spiritually he IS here with us through my voice. He has his 6th hearing for bail on Tuesday morning, so please pray to * FREE ROGER! * Mahalo.

Roger and I wanted to run as a team when we realized that our island government deserves a candidate for Mayor who supports, respects and obeys the Peaceful Sky ordinance passed in 2008 by 53% of our island voters. We want to remind all the candidates to obey the spirit and the letter of the law, passed by a majority of the voters of Hawaii County, by many of you here today. * Keep the dream of freedom alive! *

We urge you to get a copy of the Peaceful Sky law and read it, study the details of what might be the best pro-freedom, and pro-Cannabis law anywhere. We feel that once our elected island officials respect and obey the Peaceful Sky ordinance we can begin to have peace and justice in Hawaii County. Until then, the long road to liberty and freedom is still just a dream ahead of us. * Keep the dream of freedom alive! *

We just celebrated the Memorial Day holiday remembering those who have died fighting for our freedoms. We surely appreciate their sacrifice. And we want to enjoy those freedoms here and now! What did they fight and die for? For one thing they fought and died so that we can freely say these things to you today, and so that we can vote, and we thank them for that.

The prohibition of Cannabis – the war on marijuana – is based on lies and prejudice and the longer it goes-on the more damage it does to our children and our families. It’s a failed social policy that needs to be corrected NOW! We need to end the myth of ‘marijuana’ and re-evaluate the benefits of this natural, God-given herb. We need to understand the many health and financial benefits it can provide.

For one thing, more Cannabis = less ‘meth’ and alcohol.

Pahoa used to be a very happy, healthy town before the ‘marijuana eradication program’ turned it into a ‘meth’ town. Sadly, this is the only town on the island designated as a “Weed and Seed” high crime area? Why? The ‘marijuana eradication program’ did it. Now let’s UN-do it and turn it in the right direction!

Right now in the Island Natural Health Food Store down the street are many fine quality hempseed food and soap products imported from Canada. We should be making them right here and EX-porting them! We should have organic Cannabis hemp products in our Farmer’s Markets. Hawai’i grown Cannabis hemp products are a multi-Billion dollar market just waiting for us to make it happen; it’s supply-side economics to let the producers be free. Nutritional seeds, home-grown oil, safe medicines, and so much more. We call it Ganja-nomics! The natural economics of Cannabis. It’s nature’s best economic stimulus plan.

Beware of pharmaceutical drugs. Read the fine print! We’re serious – most of them list DEATH as a “side-effect”! Cannabis is one of the most useful and safest therapeutically-active substances known, by comparison. It can be grown here in Hawaii County safely, easily, cheaply … and legally with the protection of the Peaceful Sky ordinance. 24 plants or less in private, at home, that’s the Peaceful Sky way.

We know that Cannabis hemp is a * botanical savior *, the literal * tree of life * to heal us, and to save us in many ways.

What can the Cannabis plant save us from?

It can help to save us from spiritual and mental slavery with it’s holy smoke and vapor.
It can help to save us from hunger and malnutrition with hempseed foods and juicing the raw leaves.
It can help to save us from stress, pain and disease with safe and natural ‘medical marijuana’.
It can help to reduce tumors and prevent cancer.
It can help to save us from poverty with home-based, private Cannabis gardens.
It can help to save us from toxic pharmaceutical drugs.
It can help to save us from eco-extinction with organic hemp crops verses synthetics and GMO’s.
It can help to save us from addiction to meth, alcohol and cigarettes.
It can help to save us from the mentality and destruction of war with the * sacrament of the peace culture *.

Nature has surely blessed this island in countless ways – we all can appreciate her beauty and her many other gifts. It’s our responsibility to maintain the highest standards of care for this special place for now and for our children’s children.

Roger and I wish all the candidates well. We respect each of them for participating in the political system by running for office. And we wish each and every one of you well, too. We encourage each of you to exercise your personal power and get out and support freedom, liberty and privacy by voting for the candidates who respect the Peaceful Sky.

Keep the dream of freedom and liberty and privacy alive! Rock the VOTE! And FREE ROGER NOW!

Mahalo and aloha!

Share Christie

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