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Aloha. I have an exciting new interest since being in prison – connecting the dots of evidence for the existence of the Anunnaki. There’s a brand new book about the Anunnaki just published that I’d like to ask someone (you?) to please order for me.

The Anunnaki are reportedly a race of beings who came to Earth hundreds of thousands of years ago from their planet called Nibiru. They were looking for gold to help heal their atmosphere. While they were here on Earth they needed workers and slaves so they say they created homo sapiens – us(!) – from homo erectus (Neanderthals) + some of their own DNA. Their history exists in cuneiform writing on hundreds of thousands of clay tablets in museums and online. They say they genetically cloned Adam and Eve, built the pyramids and ancient cities, created religions and kingship, granted us agriculture, writing, music, art, architecture, etc., etc. I’ve already read probably 12 books on the subject, and I have a big hunger for more, as their history has reportedly led to our very existance and to our history. If this tale is true, we’re all part Anunnaki. :-O

Last night’s Coast to Coast AM talk radio show featured Marshall Klarfeld, one of my favorite authors about the Anunnaki. Marshall is a Cal Tech graduate in engineering, a scientist and now a published author on the Anunnaki with four books. He’s got a brand new one that I’d very much like to read as soon as possible. It’s called “The Mysteries of Alien Technology”.

If you’d like to order this book for me it’s found online at: [ ]. To avoid multiple orders please call Share at (808) 753-8927 and tell her you’d like to order the book for me so that I only receive one copy.

My life’s journey on the Cannabis Road has led me into many exciting adventures, some frustrating times and painful experiences, passionate and heart-opening relationships, fun times, great people, meaningful work, beautiful locations … and to federal prison. Mostly because of my love for and from Share, my daily spiritual practice, and the love and support of family and friends (YOU!) these past four years in prison have turned into an unexpected and rewarding education and important life experience. Reading good books and magazines, and now writing my own book-in-progress continues to be a key part in making this time as useful and worthwhile as possible. Thank you for helping me to turn this lemon of a life experience into lemonade.

All the very best to you and yours!




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