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Hello there Jeff,

Aloha. Thanks for more air-time today. The show was educational, busy, a bit confusing, somewhat confrontational … very interesting talk radio, that’s for sure.

I appreciate your guest Brant for adding controversy and energy … but for him to say, “The facts are the facts” in such a “know-it-all” manner … and then to be flat-out WRONG on some of the ‘facts’ was a bit of a frustration for those of us who knew he was off-target. But … oh well … it got at least MY pulse going. :-p God, that’s great!

Brant even said, “He’s positive” that all the delays were due to OUR initiative and he’s flat-out WRONG about that. The Prosecutor’s wife DIED and he got a reasonable delay granted by the Judge for family time for her funeral. Then one week later our Prosecutor’s Father DIED. Do you think we could have stopped that delay? But please know that I’m just reporting, not complaining. Just know that it wasn’t a delay by OUR initiative, no matter what Brant told you and your audience.

And please know that Share and I are fine with the trial being this summer rather than a few years ago. All the delays are in our FAVOR, except for the fact that I’m in here. Legalization is now in the air all over the country! The government’s “compelling interest” against us shrinks every week like an ice cube at global warming time. We’ve had more time to prepare, to get better lawyers, to re-build our mana and our relationship, too. All very good. We wish I was at home to prepare, but the denials of bail just highlight the government’s corruption and lack of fairness to the world at large.

Remember when the Goddess of Justice was blind and had a scale that was balanced? Those days are (temporarily) OVER as the jack-boot of tyranny is firmly on the scale of justice and has a knife in the back of the Goddess.

God, that’s great! Please show us the blessings in THIS situation … and hurry! We are safe, we are loved and all is well.

Does zero ‘fair bail’ = zero ‘fair trial’? Time will tell.

What’s been a violation of my Constitutional Right is the repeated denial of ‘reasonable bail’ based on false statements by our prosecutor and accepted as true by multiple Judges. THAT’S the violation most troubling as if they can do it to me they can do it to anyone … just because they feel like it. That’s WAY too much power for any person(s) to have in our government. “Silence = consent” and we’re not going to be silent about it, or consent to it. Thanks for joining us on this point.

Share and I had ZERO weapons.

Share and I are accused of growing 284 plants, NOT 3,000 as Brant ‘confirmed’ as if it was true.

There are 17,000 wiretapped phone calls, NOT 3,000 as Brant ‘confirmed’ as if it was true.

Ready! Fire! Aim! Oops … :-O

The Prosecutor’s original findings that prompted denial of bail were FALSE statements. He beared false witness – he lied to the court. I would have stopped and closed the Ministry in one second if the government had EVER told me that I was breaking the law, or a “danger to my community”.

After listening to us for two solid years they just “raided” us, but didn’t arrest me or stop me in any way. If I was such a “danger to my community” why didn’t they arrest and STOP me on-the-spot? Because I was zero ‘danger’ that’s why.

And please get this; their search warrant said that “This is arguably a legitimate Ministry with legitimate Ministry customers”. What’s a guy to think about THAT? I thought that they obviously made a MISTAKE and we would never be charged. Of course I re-opened the THC Ministry! A sincere and legitimate Minister helping sick and dying patients and sincere members would do the same.

At ANY time I would have complied 100% with ANY bail conditions.

Where are our Congresspersons? They can change federal laws. They are AWOL, MIA and possibly deserters in this war on their constituents. They are at least HIDING from the public. We WANT to believe in them, we really do, but what are we to think when they ALL fail to reply to our many requests for their position on legalization, medical marijuana, etc.?

CONGRESS is the action center. PLEASE call their offices and ask them for their positions. Their own state has legal medical marijuana. How can they support Schedule 1 that says marijuana has “no recognized medical use in treatment in the USA”?

Tulsi Gabbard is a Hindu. Hindu’s believe Cannabis is a HOLY PLANT! Does she? Is she hiding that FACT? We need CHAMPIONS for FREEDOM in Congress, not wimps. Get with the program, Congress persons, or get out of office. Now. Mahalo.

All the best to everyone,





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