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Q&A from Big Island Chronicle, August 2012


Aloha. My name is Share Christie and it’s my pleasure to introduce myself in the race for Mayor of Hawai’i County, one of the most special and beautiful places on Earth.

I was born in Ohio and raised in southern California. I’m a wife and a Mother, an organic farmer, and an ordained and licensed Cannabis sacrament Minister. I’m also a co-defendant in the important religious freedom case of the “Green Fourteen”. My husband is Roger Christie, Founder of The Hawai’i Cannabis THC Ministry which has members in 60 countries. My daughter is a healthy, happy and successful young woman who I’m very proud of. I have a background in oriental medicine, Rudolf Steiner education, homeopathic farming and teaching Five-Element natural cooking. I’ve traveled much of the world and I greatfully choose this island as my home. Mahalo.


1 What do you believe is the single most pressing need for the island you’re seeking to represent?

The No. 1 single most pressing need is for Hawaii County employees and law enforcement to respect and obey Peaceful Sky LAW on the books now. It is now law enforcement s lowest priority to enforce cannabis laws on adult users posessing 24 plants or 24 ounces or less on private property

(link Download Chapter 14 and within that read Section 16)

I also think it is so important that children get educated about their teeth, so another “most pressing need” is to establish an Island wide dental program for the Keiki using funds from over extended Police Budget. The second most pressing need is greater accountability.

2. What would be your 1st order of business?

My first order of business is to issue a directive to all county employees and law enforcers to obey the Peaceful Sky law. Citizens and county employees need to know the law, so copies of it need to be printed and distributed to all employees in law enforcement and prosecution. This is what the majority of voters decided in the last election.

3. What is your position on geothermal?

We love the hot ponds! Geothermal can be terrific – if it’s safe. We support geothermal drilling and development with local community support and environmental impact studies.

Hawaii electricity rates are the highest in the nation, and current laws are at least part of the reason. We should all be aware that there is a law in place right now that bases residential energy costs on the price of oil, even when that energy is being produced by alternative means.

For Hawaii residents to enjoy lower energy charges, the rates for energy produced via alternative means (solar, wind, wave power, biomass or geo-thermal) must be based on the cost of generating energy and not based on the cost of oil. We have an unequaled resource in our tropical sun, yet Germany, with much less sulight, generates 50% of its power using solar energy, while we are only beginning to explore this resource. Hemp fuel is also as yet unexplored in the United States. It would only take 6% of US land to produce enough hemp to fuel the entire country. Imagine what it could do for the big Island!I

“Hemp fuel will displace the petrochemical toxic energy of today with a clean, carbon negative biofuel. It is the most productive source of biodiesel by a factor or more than three. Soybeans, sunflower seed and canola/rapeseed, each produce 100-120 gallons of seed oil per US acre, while hemp makes more than 300 gallons. The byproduct from making that oil is 6,000 pounds of high protein hemp seed meal, 6-10 tons of hemp bast fiber and 25 tons of hemp hurd fiber. Wipe out world hunger, realign our economy, stop deforestation, cut pollution, restore balance: restore hemp!”

4. How do you propose to address the County persistent solid waste problem?

I believe in the three R s, Reduce, Re-use Recycle.

I would stress importing less packaging and encourage more bulk buying in stores and co-ops. Example: Dr. Bronner liquid soap in 55 gallon drums with people bringing their own containers to fill-up by the pound, etc.

I would advocate tax incentives for businesses offering sale of bulk goods or goods with reduced or green packaging at the same time requiring box stores operating in Hawaii County to pay the cost of disposing of trash they are responsible for helping to generate (in the form of excessive packaging) Consumers should have the option of leaving packaging at the store. Cruise ships, hotels and resorts should also be accountable to pay for the waste they produce here on our island.

5. How do you intend to stimulate economic development/job growth in the area you seek to represent?

“Supply-side economics” is when people are free to produce what they want they get creative and make products that create a market. More freedom and liberty = more prosperity. What would a Cannabis Farmer’s Market look like? Just a question.

Peaceful Sky law is NON-commercial. We need to re-evaluate the potential of a Cannabis-based economy for Hawaii County. Once we understand the potential, we can make a new law that addresses COMMERCIAL development of Ganja-nomics.

Federal classification of Marijuana as a Schedule I substance is a FRAUD; it is un-Constitutional and based on false information. It needs to be repealed to allow for Hawaii County (and the state and the nation) to develop a Cannabis-based economy. We need to lobby our U.S. Senators and Congresspeople to change the federal law for Cannabis ASAP.

We need to repeal the prohibition of Cannabis hemp immediately. There is a potential TRILLION DOLLAR annual economy in Cannabis-based medicines, fuels, and thousands of other safe and natural products. We want Hawaii County to have a leading part in that with our weather, location and available workforce.

6. Two part question: is there any legislation currently on the books that you are going to seek to repeal? If so which one and why?

a) Not specifically law to repeal but I will propose a ballot measure that the Police Chief should be an elected position and not appointed by the Police Commission. This is the case in some counties and provides more accountability for the taxpayer.

b) Likewise, the Budget should be submitted by the Council and not by the Mayor which also provides more accountability for the taxpayer.

7. What is the county’s operating budget amount?

$365 Million. A Million Dollars a day! A huge part of that money is spent on the investigation and prosecution of Cannabis “crimes,” while a relatively small amount is spent on Education and Health of the people. I would make education the most important task of government because I feel that the most important “resource” for the future is our Keiki, and as I was taught, always “think 7 generations.”

8, How many projects on the capital improvement project list?

I m sorry but the question is less than clear. It is not a whole sentence.

9. What capital improvement projects currently not on the list for your district do you propose to be added ?

This is a question for candidates for Council

10. What are your thoughts about the building code?

We need a people-friendly building code for the 99% of us!

11. What you think about the effort to establish an alternate building code?

Yes, of course it is a great idea to establish an alternative building code. I am a bamboo farmer. If it were legal I would also be a hemp farmer. There are so many great alternative building materials we could grow on the island to build beautiful, sustainable, affordable housing that would suit our climate and our lifestyles. We have seven climate zones and it is best to use materials and methods tailored to each. Double walls spell double trouble for mold and rats in rainforest Puna.

When I first started growing bamboo, I was told that approval of bamboo for building would be next. That was seven years ago. We need a code that fits our island and uses local island co-op materials.

12. In a few sentences, what are your thoughts about the zoning code?

We are an agricultural island. We should always remember that, and all zoning discussions should take it into account. This is an idea about which I have great interest, and will continue to research in the next few weeks.

13. What capital improvement project currently not on the list for your district do you propose to be added?

County Council question. But….

a) More public transportation infrastructure needs to be created including ride share programs and independent transport companies with minivans servicing remote areas. (Model would be Mexico and other progressive rural countries with remote populations)

b) Agriculture programs offering means for small farmers and growers (and cannabis growers) to market their produce.

c) Bi-lingual zones established to support revival of Hawaiian language. Tax incentives provided to business and industry operating in Hawaiian language and employing Hawaiian speakers

14. Have you read the County charter? If so what section pertains to the mayor?

I have viewed the County Charter on line. There are 36 chapters and 13 supplements. They make up 6.3 MB of text, which means that in physical form there are many volumes. To order the entire code would cost $250 plus a $50 fee to subscribe to supplements. Therefore, I have experts on hand to assist with questions relating to the Code.

15. Should you be elected, how will constituents measure your success 2 years from now?

If crime has been cut by half, and incomes have been increased by half, if we have made significant progress on ending the War on Drugs by our observance of the Peaceful Sky law, if the county is growing millions of dollars worth of medical grade Cannabis and millions of tons of industrial hemp, if homelessness has virtually disappeared, that will be a start.

16. Why should constituents vote for you?

I d make a great mayor for this beautiful and abundant island. My campaign represents creativity and compassion in government. My platform also provides an alternative set of budget measures to the high levels of expenditure on Police and Prosecution currently for this County. These expenditures continue to mean neglect of important social needs and the great potential of all the good residents of this wonderful island , I would see to it that the health and wellbeing of all residents was a priority for my administration by funding health and agriculture programs. I am running for Mayor because my husband Reverend Roger Christie would be a candidate but he is still in jail without bail after two years. He asked me to run on his behalf. I believe the fact that he would be denied bail for two years and after XXX 6? appeals is a sign that our system appears to be broken and needs a very new direction. Quite simply: a vote for me would be a vote for a change as an alternative to more of the same. We are so lucky to live here on the most beautiful island on the planet. Thank you for the time you have taken to read my message.

17. Where did you have your campaign materials [ pamphlets bumper stickers, yard sign and banners] designed and printed?

Good question, if only for the fact that it highlights the inequality in the election of Candidates for Office in Hawaii County. My campaign will be be virtually free of pamphlets, yard signs, banners and other waste. There are wonderful candidates in this election who would provide excellent leadership and service to the county who are free of corporate funding or wealthy private contributions. You will likely see few pictures of me and read few of my speeches at forums. Chances are that only two or three candidates will receive the “lion s share” of media attention. I must take this opportunity to thank Tiffany and other independent media journalists for helping other candidates get our messages out. Independent media is important for healthy democracy! Thanks also to your readers for helping to preserve democratic values and healthy debate in our county.

I saved the best question for last:

What are your thoughts about cannabis/marijuana constituents seeking to have legalized/decriminalize?

I promise you Tiffany if you show all my 17 answers you 0 need to ask this one!!!

1.) More people working from home would reduce traffic. People need great internet service at home, plus make their properties into “profit centers” with possible better new zoning for that.

2.) Community alcohol stills for locally-produced ethanol fuel might help reduce costs, too. See www dot alcohol can be a gas dot com for details.

3.) A possible advisor for you? Last night’s Coast to Coast was terrific! A big island doctor / activist was the guest. Do you know of Sidney Ross Singer, yet? I’ve heard of him, but not ever met him. A former New Yorker with three Ph.D.’s and an M.D. he quit medical practice because it pushed pills and surgery and animal experiements. He sounded so sane and reasonable, really smart and caring, too. We could all hear the coqui frogs in the background which was totally fun! Sidney said he has an “experimental culture farm” near Hilo for the best natural lifestyle possible. I think you might enjoy introducing yourself

His websites are: www dot killer culture dot com, and another one I can zero think of right now.

4.) You will need a prepared answer for when you don’t know an answer to a Mayor question. Something really smart.

5.) We want the big goals, for example:

a. cutting crime by 50%,

b. increasing incomes by 50%.

c. Ending the war on drugs starting with a progressive marijuana policy by respecting Peaceful Sky will be a start. Dr. Bob Melamede of Cannabis Science dot com might be able to give you a letter of endorsement for the potential purchase of Billion$ of dollar$ worth of medical grade Cannabis as soon as it’s legal to commercially grow it there.

Ask Neil Franklin of L.E.A.P. for their endorsement! That would be impressive for everyone to hear. “Law and order group supports Christie For Mayor!” :-p

d. Ending homelessness and hunger on the island. We’ll figure-out a way. Just having the intention / goal is crucial. We of course want single Moms to have it much better some how.

There are multi-billionnaires who live on the island, some part-time. Maybe they can be asked to help support and donate to ending homelessness and hunger, and extra support for single Moms?

2012 federal budget

discretionary spending

2% agriculture

2% justice

2% energy

4% Department of State

4% housing and urban development

6% education

6% health and human services

if you present other trans, labor, space, etc.

Hemp Can Transform Our Global Economy;

1. Hemp Can Be Used To Make Plastic Stronger ThanSteel —-

2. Hemp Building Materials —-

3.Hemp can be used to make bio-degradable plastic; For example: —-

4.”The first use of hemp fibre dates well back into the mists of time and is one of the first plants knownto have been cultivated. About 10,000 years ago, hemp industries appeared simultaneously inChina and Eurasia for the production of a textile fibre. One of the oldest known relics of humanindustry is a trace of hemp fabric from about 8000BC in the “Cradle of Civilisation” at Catal Huyuk(Ancient Mesopotamia).” —-

5. “One importantpotential use for hemp is the production of paper. From 75 to 90 percent of all paper in the world wasmade with hemp fiber until 1883: the Gutenberg bible (15th century), Lewis Carroll’s Alice inWonderland (19th century) and just about everything in between was printed on hemp paper. Anacre of hemp produces 4.1 times as much paper as an acre of trees. Hemp can also be harvestedevery year while trees take 20 years or more to grow to harvest. Since hemp builds topsoil, it can begrown on the same acre of land year after year. Many acres of forest could be saved by industrialcultivation of hemp for paper alone. Practical, inexpensive fire-resistant construction material, withexcellent thermal and sound-insulating qualities, can be made by heating and compressing plantfibers to create strong construction paneling. This paneling could replace dry wall and plywood.”



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