Share’s Sentencing Letter to Judge Kobayashi

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Dear Honorable Judge Kobayashi,

My husband has taught me about Ho’oponopono, and has shown beautiful examples. We have consistently been using these principals, and I would like to say to you that I am sorry for any misunderstanding or unpleasantness that has arisen in the course of our interactions. I have experienced so much pain from knowing the difficulties faced by the other defendants who depended upon the ministry. I would like to take this opportunity to give them my personal apology. I would be grateful and honored to have their forgiveness, and your personal forgiveness as well.

I truly thought that everything I did was legitimate and legal, and as Your Honor has ruled, we were sincere in our beliefs. Thank you for this opportunity to share my beliefs with you.

Thank you also for helping to create the opportunity for me to learn how powerful unconditional love can be. Although I haven’t been able to see my husband for over two years, our love is deeper and stronger than ever.

My professional background is in holistic health. Inspired by a vegetarian M.D. that bicycled from Florida to California, I have studied Transcendental Meditation and Seventh Day Adventist dietary healing. Inspired by tutus I met on Maui, I studied herbology. I also studied and was licensed in Reflexology. I have studied, practiced, and taught disciplines including Shiatsu, Macrobiotic and 5 element cooking, bio-dynamic farming, wildcraft and Feng Shui. If success is measured by improved health, I have been very successful in the holistic health field because when I operated the East-West Center in Vancouver B. C. for people with cancer, I had at least 10 people thank me for saving their lives. Later, when I moved to South Carolina, I was the weekly guest talking about health issues on a television show called “Mid Day.”

When I met Rev. Roger Christie, my husband, what interested me was that he talked about Cannabis Hemp as the Tree of Life. Since I had studied herbology for years, it was another healing herb for me, but now I realized its branches were even greater than that. Like it says in Revelations, it is for the Healing of the Nations. On an environmental level, I became excited that I could be using this plant to drive our tractors and vehicles and feed chickens and ducks, and that I could build an sustainable house out of hemp and bamboo. Cannabis Hemp can make better biodegradable plastic instead of the tons of petroleum that now go into the ocean. Those were the environmental and common sense reasons. But then on a personal level, it was helping me to sleep at night as medicine. I found that I can use the oil on my skin to protect me better from the UV rays than anything else. But the most special thing about it, Judge Kobayashi, is the Holy Anointing Oil from Exodus 30:23. On an intuitive level, there was something so ancient within me that knew that this was right. Watching the expression on people’s faces when they would get anointed, and meeting members that it healed even from gangrene really moved me. In all my holistic experiences, that was a new phenomenon.

I am, at my core, a law abiding person. I was brought up by very correct and principled parents, and I always try to do my part for my community. The restrictions that have been placed upon me by the current criminal proceedings have greatly affected me already. The pre-trial conditions have burdened my religious practice, my freedom of speech, and my personal life in ways that challenge me every day of my life. The fact that I have not been able to see my husband or have a simple private conversation with him has been crushing. I feel like I have already been imprisoned. As I always intended to abide by all State and Federal laws, and as this proceeding has clearly taught me that my actions are considered illegal, my behavior has already been changed. This Court need not be concerned about recidivism. In short, I believe that I have already been punished and that my behavior has already been changed.

I further believe that my health challenges mandate that I remain able to consult with the medical practitioners that are available to me as a liberated person, and that a prison sentence would dramatically shorten my life expectancy. I also believe that my parents, ages 85 and 86, need access to me in their remaining years.

Today I live at our home in Puna, which is on a sustainable bamboo farm. I am including photos of the farm with this letter. I have taken a broken-down exhausted piece of farmland and turned it into a viable thriving success. When my daughter and I purchased the land it was inexpensive, abandoned and diseased . The land had last been a flower farm that had contracted blight and lay fallow for 13 years. I have spent all my money and considerable energy into bringing the soil quality up. I imported soil, and made compost to revitalize the land, so we now have top quality soil, and we are successfully cultivating over 30 varieties of fruit trees and 100 separate bamboo clumps. We also have several vegetable gardens that provide most of the fresh produce that we consume.

In order to support myself, my plan is to produce and market beautiful, high quality construction grade bamboo poles from the five different varieties that I have now established on the farm. Bamboo is a perfect crop for me in many ways, including the fact that although it needs intense work at times, there are extended periods during which it simply requires the sunshine and rain that are plentiful in Puna. This works for me, as my health challenges dictate that although there are many days when I am incapacitated, there are also days when I am capable of working. This year will be the first year that the bamboo, which requires seven years of maturity to be ready, will qualify for harvest and sale. I now plan to convert my bamboo production into a profitable operation, capable of supporting me as I cultivate it. To do this, I have applied for a license, and I am including my State of Hawaii Basic Business Application and receipt with this letter.

In closing, I would like to again return to the spirit of Ho’oponopono. This is what I have to say to each and every person who has been hurt in this process: “I am sorry for any misunderstanding or unpleasantness that has arisen in the course of our interactions. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.

Share Christie

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